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Medical alert systems help keep seniors safe by enabling communication with family members and emergency responders in case of a fall or injury. These systems can be home-based or connected to cellular networks for functionality anywhere within service areas. Our direct comparison of major medical alert systems is designed to help purchasers get the best value for their dollar by comparing features, accessories and costs.

In our comparison of Bay Alarm Medical and LifeStation systems, we found that Bay Alarm Medical offers a wider range of devices and add-ons at a more affordable price. While some LifeStation devices provide unique features, such as the ability to answer phone calls with home pendants, Bay Alarm Medical’s caregiver app and automatic car accident reporting capabilities make it stand out as the winner in this comparison.

Bay Alarm Medical vs. LifeStation Comparison Table

Category Side-By-Side Comparison Bay Alarm Medical LifeStation
Up-Front Equipment $0 $0
Monthly Monitoring $19.95 – $59.95+$10/month for optional fall detection monitoring $21.95 – $37.95+$5-$10/month for optional fall detection monitoring depending on plan
Activation Fee $0 $0 for most plans, $50 for standard Mobile with GPS plans
Contract No contract; month-to-month, semiannual and annual plans No contract; month-to-month, quarterly and annual plans
Optional Monthly Add-On Services Fall detection monitoring – $10Wall buttons – $3Device protection – $5Additional spouse or roommate buttons – $3Caregiver tracking app – up to $5 depending on device4G/LTE connection for in-home units – $10 Fall detection monitoring – $5-$10Additional wall buttons – $2.49Additional users – $3.99
Water-Resistant Wearable Devices Pendant or wristband Pendant or wristband
Connection Landline or cellular (AT&T network) Landline or cellular (AT&T network)
Two-Way Voice Communication Via in-home base unit and wearable pendant on all devices Via speakerphone in home base unit and wearable pendant
Range (from in-home base unit for landline service) Up to 1000 feet Up to 500 feet
Battery Life Up to 3 days of rechargeable battery life in On The Go devices

32-hour battery backup in In-The-Home base stations, 32-hour backup and 3-day mobile battery with 360° Protection units5-day in-home mobile call button battery life
Up to 40-hour backup battery life in home base stationsUp to 5 days in GPS-enabled mobile call buttons
Fall Detection Optional monthly add-on with all devices Included in Select and Supreme plans, optional monthly add-on with all other plans
GPS Locator Included with On The Go and On The Road devices Included with Mobile LTE devices
Coverage Away From Home Included with On The Go and On The Road devices Included with Mobile LTE devices
24/7 USA Call Center Yes Yes
Hanging and wall-mounted lockboxesExtra medical alert buttons for spouses or roommatesBella Charms, decorative cabochons designed to increase the visual appeal of wearables

Wall-mounted help buttonsExtra wearable medical alert buttonsPIN-protected lockboxes

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical offers a wide range of device and service options at low prices compared to many of its competitors. The company’s unique On The Road plan provides vehicle-chargeable devices with GPS capabilities and automatic crash reporting.

While Bay Alarm Medical has been well-reviewed by seniors for its low monthly costs and reliable basic services, the company markets its devices to people of all ages. On The Road devices are equipped with a manual help button and programmed to dispatch emergency services immediately upon detecting an accident, saving valuable time. Bay Alarm Medical plans come with a Price Lock Guarantee that ensures users’ monthly rates will never increase.


  • Established company with a reputation for affordability and reliability
  • Service available in over 140 languages through real-time translation
  • First medical alert service provides a vehicle service with live-crash reporting
  • Bella Charms provide endless customization options for fashion-conscious users
  • Mobile call buttons can reach the in-home base from up to 1000 feet away


  • Monthly add-ons are costly compared to LifeStation and can quickly add up
  • No automatic remote testing for medical alert systems
  • Relatively large wearable devices compared to those offered by some competitors


LifeStation is a New Jersey-based company providing monitoring to customers throughout the United States. Its two basic medical alert offerings include a classic in-home unit and a GPS-enabled mobile device.

LifeStation’s in-home base unit is equipped with a speakerphone and connected to a mobile call button with a range of up to 500 feet. With prices starting at $21.95 per month, its basic home units are a little costlier than the industry standard. For $37.95 per month, its Mobile LTE Medical Alert system has GPS capabilities, a two-way speaker and optional fall detection monitoring for an additional fee.


  • Every LifeStation medical alert system is remotely tested for full functionality each week.
  • An in-home speakerphone base station enables users to answer phone calls with their mobile pendants.
  • Mobile medical alert devices allow voice-activated battery level checks.
  • The company offers free shipping for all devices.


  • Limited reach from in-home base station to mobile call button compared to many competitors
  • No aesthetic add-ons to customize mobile medical alert buttons
  • No live-crash reporting in mobile devices or caregiver tracking capabilities
  • Pricing difficult to determine without speaking to a live sales agent

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Our Pick

Overall, both companies offer reliable services at relatively low prices. However, Bay Alarm Medical’s wider range of devices and optional add-ons, paired with its lower costs, make it the winner of this comparison.

Bay Alarm Medical’s pricing is not only lower but much more transparent and doesn’t require seniors to speak to sales agents who can sometimes place unwanted pressure on buyers. Its On The Road devices with automatic crash reporting can save vital seconds in emergency situations, and its optional caregiver tracking app offers peace of mind to trusted loved ones. These modern add-ons, as well as the affordable and easily understandable pricing structure, make Bay Alarm Medical an all-around better choice for most seniors.