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Medical alert systems, also known as panic buttons or wireless call systems, provide users with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can call for help by simply activating a small, wearable button. These systems are monitored 24/7 by emergency operators who can dispatch whatever assistance is needed, whether that’s a trusted neighbor, a loved one or emergency services.

Bay Alarm Medical is one of the top-ranked medical alert companies in the U.S., and unlike most other medical alert providers, Bay Alarm systems aren’t just designed for older adults. The company offers a variety of devices geared towards everyone from young people and athletes to lone workers, commuters and active seniors.

Bay Alarm’s lineup of monitored medical alert systems includes landline and cellular-based devices, and some systems come with enhanced features, such as GPS location tracking and automatic fall detection. This guide covers Bay Alarm Medical’s various medical alert systems, add-on devices and services, monitoring plans and costs.

What You Should Know

Based in Concord, California, Bay Alarm Medical is an established medical alert company that offers in-home and mobile monitored medical alert systems. The company maintains two five-diamond certified call response centers in Rexburg, Idaho and Ogden, Utah, and the sales and customer support call centers are located in California.

All of Bay Alarm Medical’s systems are designed to be installed by the user, so there’s no need for an installation appointment. With the exception of the On the Go medical alert button, all of the required hardware is included in the monthly monitoring fees. The company offers a lifetime price guarantee, so subscribers never have to worry about their monitoring fees increasing over time.

Bay Alarm Medical is the only medical alert company to offer an in-vehicle panic button equipped with automatic crash detection. This system, known as On The Road, combines the features of a traditional medical alert button with GPS locating and crash detection. This innovative solution is ideal for virtually anyone who operates a vehicle, including new drivers, couriers, rideshare operators and seniors. If the On The Road device detects a crash, a call is automatically placed to Bay Alarm’s emergency call center. The system also includes a smartphone app that lets authorized users track the location of the vehicle, monitor driver behavior and set up a virtual geofence.

Feature Details
Fall Detection Available on In the Home and On the Go systems
Caregiver App Available with all systems
Connection Type Landline or cellular for In the Home systems AT&T nationwide 4G LTE for On the Go and In-Car systems
Contact Length No contracts
Monitoring Centers Two U.S.-based, 24/7 call centers
System Types In-home landline or cellular; On the Go cellular and In-Car cellular
Average Call Response Time Under 45 seconds
Emergency Contacts Subscribers can ask that a friend, neighbor or family member be contacted before emergency services are dispatched

Bay Alarm Plans and Prices

Bay Alarm Medical’s monthly monitoring plans start at under $20, and discounts are available periodically.

Inside the Home On the Go In the Car Bundles
Device Type In-home system with speakerphone-equipped based unit and wearable waterproof panic button Water-resistant 4G LTE help button with speaker and microphone 12V plug-in vehicle device with integrated crash detection, two-way medical alert help button and real-time location monitoring 4G LTE button and In the Home system
Monthly Cost $19.95 to $29.95 per month $24.95 to $39.95 per month Plus one-time $79 device purchase fee $29.95 $39.95/month
Connection Landline or cellular (+$10/month) AT&T 4G LTE AT&T 4G LTE AT&T 4G LTE
Fall Detection Available (+$10/month) Available (+$10 per month) No Available (+$10 per month)
GPS Location Tracking No Yes Yes Yes
Battery 32-hour backup battery in base unit Up to 5 years in standard button Up to 2 years in fall-detection pendant User-rechargeable built-in battery Low battery notifications sent through optional Caregiver Tracking App Built-in backup battery Built-in backup batteries in home base unit and vehicle unit
Optional Add-Ons Extra medical alert button ($34.95 each) Lock box ($39.95) Bella Charms — not available with fall detection pendant ($27.95 each) Caregiver Tracking app (+$5 per month) Additional help button on same account (+$20 per month) Lock box ($39.95) N/A Extra medical alert button ($34.95 each) Lock box ($39.95) Bella Charms — not available with fall detection pendant ($27.95 each)


As one of the top-ranked medical alert companies in the United States, there’s a lot of pros to Bay Alarm Medical’s systems and services, including:

  • No activation fees
  • Competitive pricing that’s among the lowest in the industry
  • Price-lock guarantee means monthly rate won’t increase for current subscribers
  • Free month of service for every new subscription through the Refer-A-Friend program
  • Free Vial of Life with new subscription
  • Discounts for AARP, AMAC and ASAA members
  • No long-term contracts — service can be cancelled at any time
  • Offers the world’s only in-car medical alert button with automatic crash detection
  • Smartphone app lets authorized users track the location of GPS-enabled devices
  • Choice of waterproof pendant or wrist-worn button with home systems
  • Landline and cellular-based in-home systems are designed for simple self-installation
  • Subscribers can use their At-Home system anywhere in the U.S., and there is no fee for relocating the service while on vacation, traveling for business or visiting family members
  • Optional add-ons include wireless in-home help buttons, Bella Charm jewelry-style pendant covers and a lock box
  • Automatic fall detection and GPS location tracking available on some devices
  • Landline and cellular-based in-home systems available
  • Help buttons for in-home system work up to 1000 feet from the base unit
  • Free monitoring for a spouse, family member or housemate within the same household
  • Waterproof, wireless wall buttons available
  • Two U.S.-based call centers
  • All Bay Alarm Medical hardware is designed and built in the United States
  • Call answering service available in over 170 languages through a real-time translation service


Given the exceptionally positive consumer reviews, competitive pricing and wide variety of devices and options, it’s difficult to find many negatives about Bay Alarm Medical. That said, there are some drawbacks to the company and the devices it offers:

  • No medical smartwatch available
  • Users have to purchase the 4G LTE GPS Help Button for $79
  • Determining the actual monthly cost of each Bay Alarm Medical system can be difficult
  • Subscribers must pay for shipping on entry-level systems
  • The mobile app is only useful to subscribers with a compatible smartphone and a data plan
  • While subscribers can cancel at any time, charges continue until Bay Alarm receives all the returned medical alert hardware

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Do Bay Alarm Medical systems come with a warranty?

The in-home base units are covered under a warranty against manufacturer defects and regular wear and tear. Damage caused by power surges, water intrusions or dropping the unit are not covered, and subscribers are responsible for the replacement costs.

What payment options are available?

Bay Alarm Medical offers simple month-to-month plans, and automatic payments can be set up using any major credit card or debit card except American Express.

Will the in-home system work during a power outage?

Bay Alarm Medical’s in-home base unit is equipped with a backup battery that automatically charges. This battery is rated to last up to 32 hours to keep the system operational in case of a power outage.

Who should use the In the Car system?

The In the Car system is designed for drivers of all ages who want the added security of an onboard crash detection, medical alert and GPS tracking device. This makes the In the Car system ideal for new drivers, commuters, home care workers and older adults. The system works in any make or model of vehicle equipped with a 12V power outlet.

What happens if a subscriber accidentally activates their help button?

When any Bay Alarm Medical panic button is activated, an emergency call operator will answer the call and speak with the subscriber through the speakerphone located on the in-home base unit, On the Go device or the In the Car device. The subscriber simply needs to let the operator know they’re ok and they don’t need help. There’s no charge for accidental activation of the help button.

Who is contacted when a subscriber calls for help?

Subscribers can set up a list of contacts that Bay Alarm Medical operators will attempt to reach before dispatching first responders. If those contacts are unavailable, if the subscriber cannot speak with the operator or immediate assistance is needed, Bay Alarm Medical will call 9-1-1 on behalf of the subscriber.

Are there discounts available for Bay Alarm Medical devices and monitoring services?

Bay Alarm Medical offers special discounted rates to AMAC and AARP members in addition to periodic specials and deals. Subscribers can also earn an unlimited number of free months through the Refer-A-Friend program.