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Best for Tech-Savvy Users

Widex is an established hearing aid company that’s best for tech-savvy users who want hearing aids that offer exceptional sound quality and customizable features using advanced technologies.

Widex Pros

Widex Cons

Offer the world’s first smart hearing aid

Company doesn’t disclose pricing online — customers have to contact a local provider for pricing information

The Widex Cros is specially designed for those with one-sided hearing loss, also known as single-sided deafness

No online sales

Wide range of high-tech accessories, including a remote mic and TV streaming device

Require high-speed internet connection and headphones to complete online hearing test

Innovative PureSound technology delivers pure, natural sound

Warranty information only available through Widex dealers

Extensive color selection for behind-the-ear devices

Information on Widex’s trial isn’t available online

What You Should Know About Widex’s Hearing Aids





Mild – Profound

Mild – Severe

Severe – Profound






















Designed for iPhone users, the Widex Evoke Fusion2 is a discreet, powerful receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid geared toward individuals with mild-to-profound hearing loss. When worn, the Fusion2 is virtually undetectable by others. 

The Fusion2 is equipped with the innovative SoundSense Learn feature, which automatically optimizes sound settings according to a user’s environment and improves over time. Users simply select the best sound profile from two choices through the Widex iOS app, and the system begins to learn the settings the user prefers. Once the system learns a user’s preferences, the hearing aid will self-adjust to deliver the best-possible sound experience in a wide range of settings. 

The Fusion2 is also Bluetooth-enabled, which allows users to sync their hearing aid with many non-iOS Bluetooth devices, such as televisions, stereos, smartphones and computers. 

Power for the Fusion2 comes from either a standard size 312 hearing aid battery, or the optional built-in rechargeable battery. Widex dealers can also retrofit the Fusion2 for Widex’s long-life ZPower rechargeable batteries.


The Unique 110 is Widex’s entry-level behind-the-ear device designed for those who need sound clarification and amplification in relatively quiet environments, such as while watching TV or talking on the phone. 

Equipped with four audio programs, feedback suppression and a directional microphone, the Unique 110 is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with telecoil systems. This hearing aid automatically switches to the optimal audio program, so users always enjoy the best-possible sound quality. 

There’s also built-in speech enhancement to optimize in-person communication and feedback suppression to minimize the uncomfortable whistling that’s often associated with entry-level hearing aids. The directional microphone helps ensure that users enjoy clear multidirectional sound amplification, and the Unique 110 works with many Widex accessories, such as the TV-DEX assistive listening device.


Engineered for individuals who’ve been diagnosed with severe-to-profound hearing loss, the Fashion Power is a powerful, easy-to-use behind-the-ear hearing aid. The case contains the hearing aid battery, sound processor and microphones, while the ear mold is custom made to deliver an exceptional fit for each user. 

The Fashion Power comes in 14 unique case colors that are designed to blend with most skin tones and hair colors. To optimize battery use, the hearing aid has a feature known as PowerSaver, which helps extend the run time on batteries and reduce ongoing user costs. 

The hearing aid is also equipped with Widex’s ZEN program, a specialized audio program designed to effectively mask tinnitus in a way that doesn’t negatively impact sound clarity or amplification. Sounds are processed using Widex’s own True-Input technology to boost low frequency output without distortion. 

As with all Widex behind-the-ear devices, the Fashion Power is fully compatible with many Widex accessories, such as the RC-DEX, a discreet hearing aid remote that lets users adjust the volume and audio profile.

Widex’s Warranties and Return Policy


Widex offers a factory warranty on all its hearing aids, although the details of this warranty aren’t publicly available. For consumers to learn about Widex’s warranty, they need to consult with their local Widex retailer.

In addition to the standard warranty that comes with all Widex devices, individual hearing aid dispensaries may offer extended warranties, either as part of the price of the device or at an extra cost.

Consumers should note that repairs, adjustments and modifications to Widex devices are only covered under warranty when performed by an authorized Widex repair center. Additionally, Widex only honors warranty claims on hearing aids purchased directly from an authorized Widex retailer.

Return Policy

The company’s return policy, as well as its no-obligation trial period, is disclosed once a consumer has visited an authorized distributor. There are state-mandated return policies for hearing aids, but they vary. Some states require that consumers be provided with a full refund of the purchase price, while other states let hearing aid resellers charge a restocking or return fee. As with all other hearing aid providers, Widex is bound by state-specific laws designed to ensure that consumers aren’t pressured into buying a hearing aid that isn’t suitable.

Widex’s FAQs

Does Widex sell Bluetooth hearing aids?

Yes. Most Widex hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing these devices to be used to make phone calls with compatible smart phones and stream audio from many types of smart televisions.

What is Widex’s best hearing aid?

Moment is Widex’s premium hearing aid line. Engineered with Widex’s innovative PureSound technology, these hearing aids deliver crystal-clear, natural sound while minimizing unwanted noises. Widex Moment hearing aids are also designed to work seamlessly with TV Play, an accessory that enables wireless stereo streaming from any compatible television.

How long do Widex’s hearing aids’ charge last?

As with all battery-powered devices, the charge on Widex’s hearing aids varies depending on a number of factors, including the volume, sound profile used and ambient temperatures. All Widex hearing aids equipped with rechargeable batteries are designed to last at least a full day before needing to be recharged.

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