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Best Hearing Aid for Music Lovers

At the forefront of innovation, Phonak makes the best hearing aid for music lovers. Its AutoSense OS analyzes and adjusts sound levels automatically to filter out background noise and allow the user to focus on individual audio sources. Phonak’s Dynamic Noise Cancellation feature allows users to personalize volume levels and amplify speech to improve the clarity of live and recorded music.

Phonak Pros

Phonak Cons

Wide variety of device styles to choose from

Devices starting at higher prices compared to some competitors

Programmed and fitted by professional audiologists

Only sold in hearing care centers

High-quality accessories and software technologies make Phonak’s devices highly customizable

Some models are only available through participating audiology offices, meaning users may need to travel further for services

Offers the innovative Lyric model, which is fitted into the ear canal, remains invisible and can be continuously worn for up to three months

In most cases, the Lyric model requires a visit to a specially-trained audiologist for changing

Bluetooth connectivity in most devices, allowing settings to be adjusted via a mobile app

Prices are not available online

Wide range of color options

Device performance may be impacted without app updates

Fast-charging lithium-ion and zinc-air batteries in most models

Devices cost more based on the number of technological features, including echo block and number of tuning channels

What You Should Know About Phonak’s Hearing Aids

With over 20 devices to choose from, Phonak has some of the world’s most advanced hearing solutions. It offers traditional behind-the-ear rechargeable hearing aids as well as the Lyric, which has a battery life of up to three months and can be worn continuously. Phonak also offers a range of high-tech hearing aid accessories that can make it easier to participate in group conversations, listen to music and watch television. Users of Phonak devices can choose technology feature packages such as background noise cancellation and DuoPhone, which automatically transfers speech into both hearing aids when using the phone.


Audéo Marvel

Bolero Marvel


Mild – Severe

Mild – Profound

Mild – Severe


















No – Subscription Service




Said to be the world’s only fully invisible hearing aid, the Lyric is a completely-in-canal model. This device conforms to the anatomy of the wearer’s ear to create a natural audio experience. Lyric hearing aids are put into place by Certified Lyric Providers and replaced every three months.

Users can remove the Lyric with a specialized tool, although the device must generally be replaced by a professional after removal. Wearers in some countries have the option to undergo training on how to replace their own Lyric devices independently. However, even users who replace their own devices must visit a Certified Lyric Provider every second insertion for ear health checkups.

The Lyric has a long-lasting battery, moisture protection and proprietary extended-wear technology. Between replacements, this model can be worn around the clock and doesn’t need to be removed for showers, exercise or sleeping.

This model is only available on a subscription basis. An annual subscription includes replacement devices, maintenance and software updates. Subscription fees can vary by hearing care provider but range from $1,500 to $3,000 per year. An annual Lyric subscription also comes with a SoundLync device, which allows users to turn their Lyric on and off, put it in sleep mode and adjust the volume.

Audéo Marvel

The Audéo Marvel’s receiver-in-canal build makes it less intrusive than the Lyric but smaller and more battery-efficient than behind-the-ear models. Its thin and discreet earwire is placed next to the eardrum by the wearer and provides a clear and pleasant sound. The Audéo Marvel line has several devices with a range of features that can be used by people with any level of hearing loss.

The Audéo Marvel’s Bluetooth connectivity allows it to connect with Android and iOS devices so that wearers can take calls hands-free. It can also connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as tablets and smart TV’s so that wearers can turn up the volume on media without affecting those around them. Audéo Marvel hearing aids feature Phonak’s AutoSense OS, which performs constant automatic adjustments to clarify speech and increase the sound quality of music.

Audéo Marvel devices come in nine colors. Users can choose from a range of features, including battery type and Telecoil capability. Telecoil models can connect with induction-loop hearing systems at theaters, churches and venues to receive sound by way of an electromagnetic field. The Audéo Marvel is available at a range of price points depending on the provider and features chosen, although averages range from $1,500 to $3,000.

Bolero Marvel

The Bolero Marvel is Phonak’s behind-the-ear hearing aid model. Available in nine neutral colors, this model also uses the AutoSense OS, which helps reduce echos and ambient noise while improving sound clarity. Its StereoZoom capabilities help to reduce strain on the listener. The Bolero Marvel is also designed to amplify soft speech to make it easier to understand. This line is suitable for those living with mild to severe hearing loss. 

Like some of Phonak’s other devices, the Bolero Marvel can be connected to phones, tablets and other devices through Bluetooth. With the myPhonak app, wearers can adjust volume, select settings and connect remotely with hearing professionals for troubleshooting support. The Bolero Marvel can also be connected with Phonak’s Roger microphones, which help amplify speech in large crowds and noisy situations. This model’s rechargeable battery gives users a full day of listening power, including unlimited streaming. 

The Bolero Marvel is also equipped with Telecoil capabilities, which enable it to receive sounds directly via an electromagnetic field. This modern technology is becoming increasingly available at entertainment venues across the world. Like Phonak’s other hearing aid models, the Bolero Marvel is sold only at audiology centers and can vary in price depending on the provider. Based on market prices, this cost can range from $1,500 to $3,000.

Phonak’s Warranties and Return Policy


Phonak’s hearing aids come with a limited international warranty that remains valid for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty gives users free repairs on hearing aids in certain circumstances. While the warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear or accidental breakage, it does cover repair for units with manufacturing and material defects.

Users should retain their proof of purchase documents as they are required to file warranty claims on Phonak devices. Phonak users should also make sure to only perform repairs at authorized service providers as damage caused by third-party repairs will invalidate the warranty. This warranty only covers the device itself, meaning that accessories like external receivers, tubes and batteries are not covered.

Since Phonak hearing aids are sold by hearing care professionals, a range of local warranties may be available. These warranties are offered by individual providers and can vary greatly in range. Some local warranties may extend the coverage period, while others may offer broader coverage terms. Local warranties may also be available for accessories.

Return Policy

Phonak offers a risk-free 30-day trial on the Lyric device and subscription. Other devices can be returned to the issuing hearing care center within 60 days of purchase for a variety of reasons, although return policies may vary by individual retailer. On a discretionary basis, Phonak may offer a one-time courtesy replacement for lost or heavily damaged instruments. Interested users should consult their hearing care professional.

Phonak’s FAQs

Does Medicare cover Phonak’s hearing aids?

No. While Medicare and Medicaid may cover the costs of hearing exams, hearing aids are not covered. However, payment plans may be offered by hearing care centers where Phonak devices are sold.

What is Phonak’s best hearing aid?

Although Phonak has a range of devices to suit any need, many users would say that the Lyric is its best model. The one-of-a-kind hearing aid leads the market in terms of discretion. However, tech-connected users who want Bluetooth connectivity may prefer the Audéo Marvel, a small external hearing aid with a selection of modern features.

How long do Phonak’s hearing aids charge last?

The CORE is MDHearingAid’s top-of-the-line model. This digital hearing aid is equipped with two directional microphones, an advanced sound processor to reduce background noise and a Bluetooth-linked user interface.

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