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Best Natural Sound

Oticon, a global hearing aid company based in Denmark, is known for making assistive devices that deliver the best natural sound. Every Oticon hearing aid is equipped with a high-speed digital sound processor that automatically optimizes sound amplification and clarification in real-time.

Oticon Pros

Oticon Cons

Innovative BrainHearing sound processing designed to support natural speech comprehension

Prices aren’t disclosed online

Offer hearing aids for individuals with one-sided hearing loss

Consumers can only purchase Oticon hearing aids in-person from an authorized dealer

Wide product range includes over 30 devices for those with mild to profound hearing loss

Warranty varies between dealers and devices

Discreet in-the-ear styles as well as traditional behind-the-ear models

Trial period depends on which state devices are purchased in

A number of Oticon hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled for wireless connectivity to most Android and iOS devices

Standard warranty doesn’t cover any Oticon accessories, including ear molds and tubing

What You Should Know About Oticon’s Hearing Aids

Oticon offers over 30 hearing aid models, including pediatric devices, behind-the-ear hearing aids and discrete in-the-ear styles. Oticon also has an extensive lineup of accessories, including the ConnectClip, a wireless streaming device that can be used to further enhance sound quality in large-group settings, such as meetings and conferences. 

Oticon hearing aids are designed for those living with mild-to-profound hearing loss, and the company also offers an innovative device for individuals living with single-sided hearing loss. Additionally, Oticon hearing aids can be programmed with Tinnitus SoundSupport, which are relief sounds designed to reduce the discomfort experienced by tinnitus sufferers.





Severe – Profound

Mild – Severe

Mild – Profound






















Geared toward those living with severe-to-profound hearing loss, the Xceed line of hearing aids from Oticon uses the company’s proven BrainHearing sound processing technology to enhance speech comprehension.

The Xceed is equipped with an OpenSound Optimizer to block unwanted whistling, static and feedback, which in turn helps enhance speech and other sounds.

This behind-the-ear hearing aid is also Bluetooth-enabled, which lets users stream music and audio from any compatible device and make hands-free phone calls through most any iOS or Android smartphone.

Available in seven colors and two styles, the Xceed is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that charges in the included charging cradle.


The CROS is an innovative hearing solution that’s specially designed for individuals living with single-sided deafness. This system includes two parts, a transmitter and a behind-the-ear hearing aid. The CROS comes in seven case colors designed to blend with most hair colors.

Much like a traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid, the transmitter portion of the CROS system is equipped with a powerful, multidirectional microphone that’s enclosed in a behind-the-ear style case with a molded earpiece.

Users wear the hearing aid portion of the CROS system in the ear which has the most hearing loss. Thanks to wireless NFMI sound transmission technology, sounds are picked up by the transmitter and instantly relayed to the hearing aid.

The CROS is designed to help users communicate clearly in situations where it’s difficult to turn to hear a conversation, or where sounds are coming from multiple directions, such as during a party or a concert.

Opn S

The Opn S is a lightweight, behind-the-ear hearing aid equipped with a rechargeable battery, 2.4 GHz wireless technology, and a simple push button that lets users quickly toggle through the preset audio profiles.

The Opn S is fully compatible with a number of Oticon accessories, including the ConnectClip for hands-free calling from any smartphone, and the Oticon TV adapter that lets users stream audio from their TV directly through their hearing aid.

Available in a wide range of case colors including grey, silver, white and chestnut brown, this hearing aid is designed to be discrete and user-friendly.

Some models in the Opn S line are equipped with wireless telecoil technology which connects with audio loop systems located in public spaces such as theaters, concert halls and government buildings.

Oticon’s Warranties and Return Policy


All Oticon hearing aids come with an international limited manufacturer’s warranty that’s valid for 12 months from the day consumers receive their Oticon devices.

This warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the hearing aid, including issues with the sound processor and microphones. The warranty excludes all accessories, such as batteries, earpieces, wax filters and tubing. Also excluded are damages caused by excess use, improper handling, exposure to corrosive chemicals or water intrusion, and any issues resulting from adjustments made by anyone other than an Oticon-authorized professional.

Oticon distributors may offer additional warranty options on Oticon devices, such as add-on warranties against loss and damage, or an extension on the 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty. Purchasers are also protected by state consumer laws, which often provide protection beyond what’s covered with the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Return Policy

A number of states have consumer laws in place which apply to hearing aid purchases. These laws often include mandatory trial periods and return policies for assistive devices such as hearing aids.

Under state law, consumers in Florida, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois and other states must be allowed a 30-day trial period during which hearing aids can be returned for either a full refund, or a refund less a percentage of the sale price. In New Mexico, Vermont and New York, the state-mandated trial period is 45 days, while no trial period requirements exist in North Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey and Arizona.

Oticon’s FAQs

Does Oticon sell Bluetooth hearing aids?

Yes. Oticon sells a number of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, including the Xceed, the Ruby and the Siya. These hearing aids are designed to be compatible with most iOS and Android devices, including all current iPhones and iPads.

What is Oticon’s best hearing aid?

The More miniRITE R is Oticon’s most advanced hearing aid. This discreet Bluetooth-enabled device uses open sound technology to help users hear clearly in most environments, including noisy places such as at parties, on transit and in urban settings. The best hearing aid for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

How much do Oticon’s hearing aids cost?

Pricing for Oticon hearing aids and accessories is only available through authorized Oticon dealers. Reviewers report that Oticon devices start at around $1,500 per ear, and run as high as $3,500 per ear.

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