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Best for Discreet Hearing Aids

Rated as the best for discreet hearing aids, Eargo sells small, FDA-registered in-canal hearing aids that are easy to conceal and comfortable to wear. Eargo’s digital devices fit snugly inside the ear, making them virtually impossible to see while in use. 

Eargo Pros

Eargo Cons

Discreet, in-canal style is virtually invisible to others

Those with poor dexterity may struggle to insert and remove Eargo hearing aids

Built-in rechargeable batteries eliminate the need to buy disposable batteries

Eargo hearing aids aren’t suited to individuals with severe hearing loss


Their small size makes Eargo devices easier to misplace than behind-the-ear hearing aids

Charge lasts up to one week

Price is higher than some other hearing aids

45-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

Users need to replace the Flexi Tetrapalms regularly

Users simply double-tap their device to switch between the four preset sound profiles

Only sold in pairs

Four preset sound profiles programmed to optimize hearing in most environments


What You Should Know About Eargo’s Hearing Aids

Eargo offers three digital in-canal hearing aids, and all Eargo hearing aids are sold in pairs. The Max is Eargo’s entry-level device, and it’s designed to be user-friendly, comfortable and highly effective for those living with mild to moderate hearing loss. 

The Neo is Eargo’s midrange model, and it features enhanced noise reduction and sound cancellation to optimize sound clarity and amplification. The Neo is also compatible with the Eargo app, which gives users control over their hearing aids through an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The Neo HiFi is the top-of-the-line model, and it includes all the features of the Neo along with an extended warranty.







Mild – Moderate

Mild – Moderate

Mild – Moderate

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The Max is Eargo’s most affordable hearing aid, and like all Eargo devices, it’s a digital, in-canal device geared toward individuals who have mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Active noise cancellation and dynamic feedback reduction are included on the Max. Users can select between the four preset sound profiles by simply double-tapping on their hearing aid. The Max is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries that are charged in the included charging case, and the silicone Flexi earpieces should be replaced every three months. 

The Max costs $1,500 per pair, and qualified consumers can finance their Max hearing aids for as little as $70 per month. A set of three pairs of Flexis costs $25, or about $8.33 per pair. 


Weighing just 1.2 grams each, Neo hearing aids are in-canal hearing aids designed with user comfort in mind. Sold in pairs only, these devices are app-enabled, which lets users access Eargo’s advanced audio controls and personalization through the Eargo app. 

Neo’s are powered with built-in batteries that users recharge by placing their hearing aids in the included USB-powered charging case. The silicone Flexi earpieces are designed to allow airflow through the ear canal, and that helps to eliminate the uncomfortable congested feeling some hearing aid wearers can experience with solid-style ear molds. 

The Neo costs $2,000 per pair, with monthly payments starting at $93 per month. Included in the purchase price is access to Eargo’s phone and video support service, which is staffed by licensed hearing professionals. 

Neo HiFi

Neo HiFi is Eargo’s top-of-the-line hearing aid. As with all other Eargo devices, the HiFi is a discrete in-canal device powered by a built-in battery. It’s designed for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss who are seeking premium-quality sound processing. 

The Neo HiFi is compatible with Eargo’s app, which allows users to personalize their hearing profile, adjust the volume and video chat with Eargo’s team of licensed hearing professionals. These hearing aids feature Eargo’s best noise reduction in noisy indoor and outdoor settings, and the four-layer Flexi TetraPalms are designed to deliver all-day comfort and superior sound actuation. 

A pair of Neo HiFi hearing aids costs $2,500, and monthly payments start at $116. The warranty period for the Neo HiFi is two years, which is twice as long as the warranty included with other Eargo devices. 

Eargo 5

Eargo 5 is Eargo’s newest model and offers more advanced features than the other models. It is the smallest hearing aid Eargo has released, offering even more comfort for wearers. Additionally, the Eargo 5 has an upgraded lithium-ion rechargeable battery than can be fully charged in 4 hours.

Like the Neo HiFi, the Eargo 5 connects with Eargo’s mobile app. Wearers can use the app to adjust their devices’ settings for different environments, and even video chat with a hearing specialist. The Eargo 5 also features Sound Match, a new, advanced technology that enables remote adjustments for the most personalized sound experience Eargo offers.

Eargo 5 retails at $2,950 per pair. Monthly payments are available starting at $137. The price includes a bundle of accessories and a two-year warranty. 


Eargo’s Warranties and Return Policy


Eargo Neo and Eargo Max hearing aids come with a one-year warranty that covers unlimited repairs for issues related to manufacturing defects. There’s also single-claim coverage against loss or damage caused by the user, although this coverage only comes into effect 46 days after the initial purchase, following the lapse of the 45-day return period. The Eargo Neo HiFi includes the same coverage as the other Eargo hearing aids, except the warranty period on the Neo HiFi is for two years, rather than one year. 

Eargo’s warranty covers the hearing aids, charging case and USB charging cords. Devices may be either repaired or replaced with a new or refurbished device at the sole discretion of the company. Once the warranty period has lapsed, Eargo may repair or replace a defective device for a cost of $295 per device. Replacement devices can either be new or refurbished, and these devices are covered by a one-year warranty. 

Excluded from Eargo’s warranty coverage are devices bought through unauthorized distributors; damage caused by unauthorized service or repairs and damage due to water penetration, exposure to chemicals or misuse.

Return Policy

Eargo customers can return their hearing aids within 45 days of purchase during the Right to Return Period. To qualify for a full refund, all original components must be provided by the consumer in good working order. 

Eargo’s FAQs

How much do Eargo’s hearing aids cost?

The list price for a pair of Eargo Max hearing aids is $1,500, while the Eargo Neo’s are $2,000 and the Eargo Neo HiFi is $2,500. The newest model, the Eargo 5, costs $2,950 per pair. Eargo often offers time-limited discounts off their hearing aids, so consumers may find that the actual price may be lower than the list price. Eargo recommends replacing the Flexis, the soft silicone ear mold portion of the hearing aid, once every three months. Flexis cost $25 for a set of three.

How long does Eargo’s hearing aids charge last?

Once fully charged, each Eargo hearing aid is rated to last up to 16 hours. The Eargo charging case connects to a micro USB cable, and it takes about six hours to fully charge the built-in battery inside the charging case.

What is Eargo’s best hearing aid?

The Eargo 5 is Eargo’s premium hearing aid. This device is designed to deliver exceptional comfort and sound quality, and users can fine-tune their sound profiles through the Eargo iOS or Android app.

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