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Best Monthly Payment Program

Audicus offers the best monthly payment program for consumers who want an FDA-approved hearing aid. Pricing for Audicus hearing aids starts at $499 each, while the all-inclusive Audicus membership plan starts at $39 a month for a pair of behind-the-ear hearing aids. 

Audicus Pros

Audicus Cons

Monthly Subscription pricing starts at $39

Sales are largely online, with only two brick-and-mortar clinics located in NYC and Colorado

Five models including a micro in-canal device for consumers with moderate to severe hearing loss

Consumers need online access to view instructional videos

Bluetooth-enabled models

Limited case color options

45-day money-back guarantee

Online hearing test requires a high-speed data connection and compatible devices

1-year warranty

Need to purchase additional warranty to cover loss or damage caused by user

Audicus Care Subscription includes quarterly hearing aid maintenance essentials

Only one in-canal hearing aid offered

What You Should Know About Audicus’s Hearing Aids

Audicus offers five hearing aid models, four of which are behind-the-ear devices, and one, the Wave, is an in-canal hearing aid. All Audicus hearing aids are equipped with a digital sound processor that can be programmed to optimize performance for the user.







Mild – Moderate

Mild – Severe

Mild – Moderate

Mild – Severe

Mild – Severe















Yes (with accessories)


Yes (direct streaming)














Dia II

The Dia II is Audicus’s entry-level hearing aid designed for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. This behind-the-ear device is available in beige, grey or silver and powered by user-replaceable size 312 hearing aid batteries. The Dia II features a directional microphone, feedback and noise reduction, and a telecoil that links with public telecoil systems. 

The Dia II sells for $699 per ear, and costs $39 a month on the Audicus membership plan.


The Clara is a Bluetooth-enabled, behind-the-ear hearing aid that’s suitable for those living with mild to severe hearing loss. Available in beige, grey, black or silver, the Clara is equipped with two directional microphones for enhanced speech clarity, a digital sound processor and a powerful receiver. It’s powered by rechargeable batteries rated to last up to one week, and it’s compatible with all Bluetooth devices. 

The Clara sells for $699 per ear, and costs $49 a month on the Audicus membership plan. 


Measuring just 0.3 inches wide and 0.4 inches high, the Aura is a small, in-canal hearing aid designed for users with mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Because the Aura sits inside the ear canal, it’s easily concealed, making this device ideal for those seeking a discrete hearing solution. It’s powered with standard disposable hearing aid batteries that last up to 105 hours, and the replaceable rubber domes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit most users. 

Available in either red, blue or beige, the Aura sells for $699 per ear, and it costs $49 per month on the Audicus membership plan. 


Designed for seamless integration with Apple and Android smartphones, the Wave is an advanced behind-the-ear hearing aid. Available in beige, grey, black or silver, this device is Bluetooth-enabled and powered with built-in rechargeable batteries. 

Suitable for those with mild to severe hearing loss, the Wave has 10 volume settings, front and rear microphones, and is compatible with Audicus’s Bluetooth TV connector. 

The Wave sells for $899, and is available for $59 a month on the Audicus membership plan.


The Spirit is Audicus’s premium hearing aid. It’s powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, and is Bluetooth-enabled and optimized for use with Apple and Android smartphones. The behind-the-ear case comes in beige, black, silver or grey, and there are 10 user-controlled volume settings. 

The Spirit is the only Audicus hearing aid that can be remotely programmed and reprogrammed by Audicus’s team of on-demand audiologists. This means that users don’t need to send their devices back to the company to have adjustments made to their hearing aids. 

The Spirit sells for $1,399 per ear, and is available on the Audicus membership plan for $89 per month.

Audicus’s Warranties and Return Policy


All Audicus hearing aids include a 12-month warranty that covers any manufacturer’s defects. Audicus accessories are not included in this warranty, and any damages caused by modifications and unauthorized repairs are also excluded. 

Note that Audicus doesn’t offer loaner hearing aids for use while devices are being repaired under warranty. 

Audicus Protect Enhanced Coverage

Consumers can purchase an enhanced 24-month warranty plan, Audicus Protect, which includes unlimited repairs and cleaning service, as well as one-time loss replacement coverage. Audicus Protect pricing starts at $12 per month depending on the device, and the policy must be purchased within 60 days of delivery of the hearing aid. 

Audicus customers who opt to sell or gift their device can transfer their Audicus Protect coverage to another person by paying a one-time change fee. 


Audicus hearing aids that are either purchased outright or through the Audicus membership plan can be returned within 45 days of delivery for a full refund. Once this 45-day return period has lapsed, no refunds are available.

Trade-In Program

Audicus offers a trade-in program that provides a credit of either $50 or $100 toward the purchase of any new Audicus hearing aid. This program covers Audicus devices that are damaged beyond repair, as well as any other brand of hearing aid.

Audicus’s FAQs

What is Audicus’s best hearing aid?

The Spirit is Audicus’s premium hearing aid. It’s Bluetooth-enabled, comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and the purchase price includes personalized hearing care from a licensed audiologist. The audio profiles on this device can be remotely adjusted by an Audicus audiologist, so users don’t need to go without their hearing aid to have their device reprogrammed.

Does Audicus sell Bluetooth hearing aids?

Yes. The Wave and The Spirit are Bluetooth-enabled, behind-the-ear digital hearing aids sold by Audicus. Both devices can be synced with any compatible Apple or Android smartphone to make phone calls, listen to music or stream videos.

How much do Audicus’s hearing aids cost

Pricing for Audicus hearing aids starts at $499 per ear, and goes as high as $1,399 per ear for the top-of-the-line model. Consumers who opt for Audicus’s membership plan can expect to pay from $39 for the Dia II up to $89 for the Spirit hearing aid.

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