Best for Foreign Assets

US Legal Wills provides a wide range of affordable wills and other documents related to estate planning. Unlike many of its competitors, it also offers expatriate wills, or documents for American seniors who live abroad. This company can also help people who have assets in foreign countries prepare their wills and document their final wishes. 

US Legal Wills is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and offers a money-back guarantee to its customers. In addition to traditional documents, this company also provides innovative options such as digital asset vaults and Life Lockers, which allow users to keep their documents, contacts and information all in one place.

Pros and Cons of US Legal Wills


  • US Legal Wills provides low-cost services compared to many of its competitors. It also offers discounts to couples.
  • Service packages can be customized.
  • Documents available for U.S. citizens who live abroad or who have assets abroad. 


  • The company doesn’t provide free access to an attorney who can answer questions.

Overview of US Legal Wills

US Legal Wills is a fully online service offering traditional estate planning documents such as wills, powers of attorney and health care directives. It also helps clients manage assets that are outside of the United States. Through US Legal Wills, clients can pay to have their documents reviewed by an attorney for extra peace of mind.

  Estate Planning Documents Access to an Attorney Software or Online Service Pricing Options
US Legal Wills Last will, health care directive, power of attorney, funeral arrangements, schedule of assets Not available Online service -individual documents start at $39.95 -a mirror product for a spouse or partner will be 40% off the full price

How Much Does US Legal Wills Charge for Elder Law Services?

To create a basic last will and testament with US Legal Wills, a single person pays $39.95. A premium package, which includes funeral wishes and final messages, is a little bit more expensive, at $69.95 for a single person. The company’s most popular package is its Complete Estate Plan, which provides the aforementioned services plus a living will and a financial power of attorney. This package costs $99.95 for a single person or $149.95 for a couple. Consumers can also build their own packages that incorporate the documents they need. A simple power of attorney costs $29.95, and expatriate wills start at $39.95.

Eligibility, Plan Details and Other Information


Almost all American citizens are eligible to use this service. US Legal Wills designs its services for residents of the United States and expatriates of the United States. Its documents are in line with the laws in every state except Louisiana, but clients who want a second opinion are encouraged to have their documents reviewed by an attorney in their state.

Plan Details

Last Will and Testament

US Legal Wills’ basic plan is a simple last will and testament. In this document, seniors can appoint an executor, create charitable bequests and specify the distribution of their estates. Trusts for beneficiaries and pets can also be set up with this plan.

Premium Last Will and Testament

This package contains all of the features of the basic plan as well as a few more. The premium plan allows clients to finalize their funeral plans and preferences for organ donation. The Keyholders feature allows clients to let friends and family members access their will and wishes.

Complete Estate Plan

As well as all of the services included with a premium will, including creating trusts, guardians, keyholders and charitable-giving plans, this option includes power of attorney documents. With this package, clients can create a power of attorney for finances and a power of attorney for health care. These documents allow seniors to specify their financial and medical wishes ahead of time in case they become unable to do so in the future.

Premium Estate Plan

This is US Legal Wills’ most comprehensive plan. In addition to a will and living wills, it allows the digital storage of important documents through a Digital Vault. This way, executors and keyholders have easy access to the personal information they need to settle a client’s affairs. Like all of US Legal Wills’ services, this package is available for both individuals and couples.

Who Should Consider US Legal Wills?

People Seeking Affordability

US Legal Wills offers some of the most affordable simple will services on the market for both individuals and couples. Its customizable plans let clients choose only the estate planning features they need without any frills.

People With Assets Abroad

Unlike many of its competitors, this company offers documents for people with assets in Canada, the United Kingdom and across the world. It also provides specialized estate planning services for Americans living abroad.

People Who Want Customization

US Legal Wills lets its clients create packages that include not only basic estate planning services, but funeral plans, health care directives, digital asset vaults and more.

What Are People Saying About US Legal Wills?

Online reviewers give US Legal Wills’ products overwhelmingly favorable reviews. Consumers appreciate the clear guidance provided during the process, which helps remove the stress from creating wills and other documents. Reviewers also like the service’s affordability and the various storage options, which make it easy for loved ones to access important documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Elder law attorneys specialize in issues important to older adults. These include Medicare and insurance claims, asset protection and transfer, and conservatorships. Additionally, these attorneys can help with estate planning.

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Can an Elder Law Attorney Help With Trusts?

Yes, an elder law attorney can help seniors create trusts for various beneficiaries and other purposes.

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What Is Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney grants a designated person or group of people the authority to make medical and financial decisions on someone’s behalf if necessary.

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Can an Elder Law Attorney Help With Wills?

Yes, an elder law attorney can help with wills, although many simple wills can be created without an attorney.

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What Is the Difference Between an Elder Law Attorney and an Estate Attorney?

An estate attorney deals specifically with estate planning and health care directives, while an elder law attorney deals with broader issues such as insurance and health care access, as well as senior protection.

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