Best User Experience 

Rocket Lawyer makes it easy to complete a wide range of legal documents subscribers can use to make sure their loved ones follow their wishes in their final years. Members can fill in all the vital information needed to create a legal document and complete a checklist to ensure its accuracy before printing it out. The simplified process for creating wills and trusts results in a superior customer experience and reduced attorney’s fees. Rocket Lawyer is constantly updating its legal library to provide the latest documents and quick service.  

Pros and Cons of Rocket Lawyer 



  • Membership plan allows users to create as many documents as they’d like 
  • Free consultations with an attorney and 40% off legal fees with a membership 
  • Free seven-day trial option 
  • The pay-per-document option can become expensive 
  • A subscription may not be worth it if a user is only composing one or two documents 

Overview of Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer has been offering elder law services for about a decade. Its services target seniors who may not be able to afford excessive legal fees. Memberships allow users to create documents without legal counsel, but they have the option of speaking with an attorney if they wish.

  Estate Planning Documents Access to an Attorney Software or Online Service Pricing Options
Rocket Lawyer Last will, power of attorney, pet trusts, evocation of power of attorney, living wills, digital asset trusts Available with a membership plan Online service – Free 7-day trial -$39.99 per month subscription -$39.99 per document

How Much Does Rocket Lawyer Charge for Elder Law Services?

Subscriptions cost $39.99 per month and users may cancel their subscriptions without penalty at any time. There’s an option to pay per document or for legal advice. Without a membership, this costs $39.99 per document and $49.99 to ask an attorney a question. Users can pay $59.99 to talk to an attorney for 30 minutes without a membership or for free if they’re a subscriber.  

Should someone need more time with an attorney, they receive a 40% discount if they’re a Rocket Lawyer member.  

Eligibility, Plan Details and Other Information

Anyone is eligible to sign up for a Rocket Lawyer membership and access the complete legal document library. Legal documents include living wills, trusts, pet trusts, digital asset trusts, an evocation of power of attorney and more.  


The service digitally prepares each document using the answers provided in a step-by-step questionnaire. After answering all the questions, users can review the document and make amendments as they wish.  

Templates Prepared by Real Attorneys 

Real licensed attorneys create all the documents on the Rocket Lawyer website, so users only need to fill in their information. This ensures that any document they print through the Rocket Lawyer website stands up to legal scrutiny and is enforceable.  

Document Review 

If users wish, they can take the added step of having their document reviewed by an attorney before printing. Attorney’s fees may apply if they don’t have a membership or if they spoke with an attorney about the document before.  

Unlimited Copies Available 

Once the document is complete, users can sign it digitally or print it out and sign it in front of a witness. Rocket Lawyer saves every document on its website so that users can access them in the future, make amendments or replace lost or damaged documents.  

Document Defense 

Rocket Lawyer offers the Document Defense service for free when users prepare a document through its website. This service provides legal services in the event any of the documents a user prepared are subject to a legal challenge or dispute.  

Attorney Fees 

With a membership, users can consult with an attorney for up to 30 minutes any time they ask about a new legal matter. Subsequent calls with a lawyer over the same matter may be subject to fees, but members get a 40% discount on legal consultations. 

Who Should Consider Rocket Lawyer?

Those Wishing to Create Multiple Documents for Their Household 

Rocket Lawyer allows users to create an unlimited number of documents with a subscription. This feature makes it a good choice if users wish to compose wills or trusts for multiple people or purposes, such as creating wills, trusts and power of attorney for themselves and their spouses.  

People With Limited Tech or Legal Knowledge 

Rocket Lawyer makes it easy for people to create legal documents. They only need to log in online, answer a series of questions and review their documents before signing them. If they have any additional questions, they can reach out to an attorney for comfort and peace of mind.  

What Are People Saying About Rocket Lawyer?

Users really like the free trial and report that Rocket Lawyer is very easy to use. Rocket Lawyer’s customer service is friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. Users report that they’ve always been happy with the way the lawyers treat them when they have a question or concern. The main drawback for most people is that they don’t know if they need to prepare as many documents as it would take to justify signing up for a membership.  

The legal library and question and answer format to document creation saves users a lot of money compared with the costs of having an attorney prepare the documents in person.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Elder Law? 

Elder law focuses on a number of issues that impact senior citizens, such as power of attorney, wills and living trusts.  

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What Is Power of Attorney? 

Power of attorney is the ability for someone to make important decisions on behalf of someone else due to incapacitation.  

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What Is the Difference Between an Elder Law Attorney and an Estate Attorney? 

An elder law attorney focuses on what occurs while a person is still alive, while an estate attorney plans for what happens after they’ve passed. 

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What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do? 

An elder law attorney helps seniors and their families make important choices regarding health care, guardianship and living wills. 

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What Is the Difference Between a Will and Living Trust? 

A will determines how an estate distributes assets following a person’s death, while a trust places assets into the hands of a trustee who decides how they will be used.  

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