Most Personalized Service

LegalShield is our pick for the most personalized elder law service because its membership service allows customers to speak with an actual attorney who then creates customized legal documents on their behalf. Instead of computer-generated templates and algorithms, LegalShield offers advice and support from legal professionals on demand. Seniors looking for a personalized approach to estate planning will likely appreciate LegalShield’s uniquely hands-on service. 

Along with preparing standard estate planning documents, such as wills and trusts, LegalShield’s attorneys can also assist with other legal services, including trial defense, audit services and document reviews. A LegalShield membership offers far more than other companies and extends beyond your usual online will service. 

Pros and Cons of LegalShield


  • All documents are personally prepared by an attorney instead of being computer-generated templates. 
  • LegalShield offers services beyond document creation, including personalized advice, consultations and trial defense. 
  • Members can access 24/7 legal support.
  • Membership covers spouses and dependents as well. 


  • LegalShield doesn’t offer the ability to pay per document. 
  • There’s no free trial available. 
  • The membership cancellation process is complex. 

Overview of LegalShield

LegalShield is an online legal services provider. Its mission is to help people access legal services at affordable prices. LegalShield has an extensive network of over 900 lawyers from 40 different firms and serves 4.5 million clients across all 50 states.

  Estate Planning Documents Access to an Attorney Software or Online Service Pricing Options
LegalShield All documents are personally created by an attorney. Yes Online service $24.95 per month for personal legal services subscription, which includes estate planning, attorney consultation, document review, and more

How Much Does LegalShield Charge for Elder Law Services?

LegalShield offers elder law services on a monthly membership plan basis. The company doesn’t provide a-la-carte services. The LegalShield Personal Plan starts at $29.95 per month and includes unlimited access to a qualified attorney who can assist with estate planning, powers of attorney and other elder law services. The base membership covers many everyday legal matters, and support for more complex issues is offered at 25% of the lawyer’s standard rate. 

LegalShield doesn’t charge on a per-document basis for wills or trusts, so members can prepare as many documents as they want with their membership fee. 

Members can add additional services to their membership for an extra fee. These include trial defense protection and legal assistance for home businesses. 

Eligibility, Plan Details and Other Information

Personalized Access to an Attorney

LegalShield offers its members the ability to speak with an attorney whenever they need legal help or representation. It guarantees that a lawyer will reach out within 8 hours of any call. LegalShield also offers 24/7 emergency legal services in the event of an arrest or serious injury. 

Estate Planning Services

Standard Will Preparation

LegalShield’s membership includes standard will preparation for the primary member, their spouse or partner, and any dependent children who are under the age of 26 and are permanent residents of the member’s household or full-time students. 

Living Will Preparation

A living will is a legal document that allows an individual to communicate their wishes for medical care in the event that they’re incapacitated. Living wills for the primary member, their spouse or partner, and any dependent children are included with a LegalShield membership. Annual reviews and updates to living wills are included at no additional cost. 

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney allows an individual to name a trusted person to make legal, financial and/or medical decisions on their behalf. LegalShield includes a durable power of attorney for the primary member, their spouse or partner, and any dependent children. Annual reviews and updates to durable powers of attorney are included at no additional cost. 

Legal Services Beyond Estate Planning

LegalShield members can access a wide variety of legal services beyond the scope of estate planning. This makes LegalShield an asset for seniors looking for help or representation for matters such as financial audits and property damage collection. Some of the primary legal services that LegalShield offers include:

  • Legal advice and consultation
  • Legal document review
  • Criminal defense
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • IRS audit services
  • Property damage collection
  • Letters/phone calls on the client’s behalf
  • Uncontested divorce or separation

24/7 Support and Emergency Access

LegalShield stipulates that members can access emergency legal help if they find themselves under arrest or they feel they’re being forced to sign a document that would forfeit their rights, freedoms or liberties. 

LegalShield MEMBERPerks

LegalShield MEMBERPerks is a discount program that members can take advantage of. Members can save up to 50% on major brands, such as Amazon, Costco and Sam’s Club. In total, MEMBERPerks offers discounts from over 500 major brands. 

Who Should Consider LegalShield

Seniors who want personalized estate planning

Some elder law services use pre-generated templates to create wills and other legal documents, but LegalShield’s process is much more personalized, with a lawyer creating customized documents on their client’s behalf. Seniors who want a more personal touch in the estate planning process will no doubt appreciate the one-on-one attention and personalized approach of LegalShield. 

Seniors who want additional legal help or representation

LegalShield is more than an estate planning or elder law service, and seniors looking for additional legal help appreciate the convenience of having an attorney on-call 24/7. From questions about legal documents to emergency situations, a LegalShield membership comes with significant peace of mind. 

What Are People Saying About LegalShield?

LegalShield reviewers mainly had positive things to say about the service. They appreciated how easy it is to reach an attorney and praised LegalShield’s quick response times. Reviewers who used LegalShield for estate planning and other elder law services noted that the attorney was able to walk them through complicated matters, such as living wills and powers of attorney, and answered all their questions along the way. They were also satisfied with LegalShield’s value compared to the costs of hiring an attorney the traditional way. On the other hand, some reviewers were put off by the fact that LegalShield doesn’t offer a free trial and that you have to sign up for a membership to access services. They also disliked the complicated membership cancellation process, which has to be submitted in writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is elder law?

Elder law is a legal specialty that focuses on the needs of older adults and disabled persons.

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Can an elder law attorney help with wills?

Yes, an elder law attorney can help with drafting or updating a will, along with other estate planning tasks.

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What is the difference between an elder law attorney and an estate attorney?

Elder law attorneys specialize in the legal needs of older adults; estate attorneys work with all ages. Elder law attorneys assist clients with matters such as planning for long-term care, while estate attorneys help with planning what happens to clients’ assets after they die. 

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What is power of attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to name a trusted person to make legal, financial and/or medical decisions on their behalf.

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What is the difference between a will and a living trust?

While both deal with distributing a person’s assets, a will goes into effect when the individual dies, while a living trust goes into effect immediately. 

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