Most Comprehensive Online Service

With Legal Zoom’s massive database of legal documents and filing instructions, the service covers a wide range of scenarios that would often benefit from the aid of a licensed attorney but at a fraction of the cost. Seniors can purchase a complete estate planning bundle or can supplement what they already have with the individual documents they need. To complement Legal Zoom’s guided drafting and filing procedures, the company also provides detailed articles that cover issues that may be relevant to individuals looking for these services.

Pros and Cons of Legal Zoom


  • Live attorney assistance available with most packages
  • A-la-carte pricing on legal services
  • Guided assistance with hundreds of legal filing situations


  • Less personalized than what would be possible with a dedicated attorney
  • Prices are higher than those of their competitors
  • Slower than expected turnaround times

Overview of Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom was created in 2001 to ensure legal assistance was available to those who may not be able to afford standard attorney’s fees. Since then, the company has created an extensive database of easy-to-follow instructions and templates for creating and filing a variety of elder-law-related legal documents, all available for purchase individually. In 2010, the company added a full network of licensed attorneys to provide more personalized assistance to seniors when needed.

  Estate Planning Documents Access to an Attorney Software or Online Service Pricing Options
Legal Zoom Last will, power of attorney, living trust, pet protection trust Yes, with consultation plan and select bundles Online service -Individual documents start at $39
-Consultation plan starts at $11.99 per month
-Professional printing for $10
-Available estate planning bundles start at $179

How Much Does Legal Zoom Charge for Elder Law Services?

Estate planning packages through a dedicated attorney usually start around $2,500 and can vary wildly. By contrast, Legal Zoom’s complete estate planning bundles start at just $249 for one person and include up to 1 year of attorney assistance to ensure it’s completed correctly and to aid in necessary revisions over time. Individual documents within the bundle start at just $35 but require the added cost of Attorney Assist to receive legal advice.

The cost of estate planning services can vary depending on whether the plan covers one or two people and whether seniors need a complete bundle or just a few missing documents. When opting for individual documents, the need for live attorney guidance will also increase the final cost.

Eligibility, Plan Details and Other Information

Legal Zoom is an excellent resource for seniors who can’t afford a dedicated elder law attorney, but it’s important to understand how it works to get the most out of the benefits offered. The services may not be the best fit for every situation, and understanding the pricing structure and general information can ensure seniors know exactly what to expect.


Because Legal Zoom offers legal assistance in many categories, seniors of all types are eligible for the services they provide. The most comprehensive personal services offered revolve around estate planning, but seniors with overly complex estate needs may be better served with a dedicated attorney. However, more general estate plans are easily covered with the tools provided. Additional personal services include marriage and divorce, and limited real estate assistance regarding residential leases and property deeds. Those in need of personal legal services outside of what’s listed will need to seek help elsewhere.

Plans and Pricing Structure

One of the convenient aspects of Legal Zoom’s services is the a-la-carte pricing structure. While bundles are offered to cover some more comprehensive situations, some seniors may only need a few elements of the package. This can also be handled through an attorney but prices are often based on hourly work and may not be as transparent when entering into the transaction. With Legal Zoom, prices are given a base rate and can sometimes increase if additional services are added. This makes the billing for the entire experience clear and easy to budget around. Considering the fixed income of many seniors, those who are unable to take advantage of the savings provided by bundling can opt for completing individual documents over time. The following is a chart that breaks down the cost of handling various estate planning documents through Legal Zoom.



What’s Included

Last Will Estate Plan Bundle

$249 for 1 person

$349 for 2 people

Includes (per person):

  • One last will
  • One Power of Attorney
  • One living will

Includes 1 free year of Attorney Assist, renewed annually at $199 per year

Living Trust Estate Plan Bundle

$399 for 1 person

$449 for 2 people


  • One living trust
  • Power of Attorney for each person
  • Living will for each person

Includes 1 free year of Attorney Assist, renewed annually at $199 per year

Last Will and Testament

$89 for Basic

$99 for Comprehensive

Includes revisions for 30 days

Comprehensive includes 2 weeks of Attorney Assist, renewed monthly at $25 per month

Living Will (Advanced Care Directives)

$39 for Basic

$49 for Comprehensive

Includes revisions for 30 days

Comprehensive includes 2 weeks of Attorney Assist, renewed monthly at $25 per month

Healthcare Power of Attorney


Includes revisions for 30 days

Financial Power of Attorney

$35 for Basic

$45 for Comprehensive

Includes revisions for 30 days

Comprehensive includes 2 weeks of Attorney Assist, renewed monthly at $25 per month

Legal Zoom also offers the Legal Assist Plan with 6-month and 12-month subscriptions. This feature includes unlimited 30-minute consultations on new legal matters and the review of up to 10 legal documents. New legal matters are defined as questions that have not been previously answered by a Legal Zoom attorney. Review of more than the included 10 legal documents incurs additional fees. The yearly subscription includes an annual review to check your estate plan for necessary revisions and ensure it is up to date. The shorter subscription comes out to $19.84 a month, and the annual subscription works out to $16.59 per month. Membership covers the individual, spouse and dependent children on personal legal matters. Attorney services that are not included can still be obtained for a fee with a 25% membership discount, and any Legal Zoom documents come with a 10% discount.

Additional Information

State Compliance

Legal Zoom documents are designed to follow the legal guidelines of each state but may not cover every potential risk due to frequent changes in estate law. Seniors can discuss compliance with a Legal Zoom attorney for a fee, or they may want to have their documents reviewed by a licensed attorney in their state for extra protection.

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

For seniors who are still on the fence about Legal Zoom’s services, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on their services. Seniors who are unsatisfied can request a refund on the fees paid to Legal Zoom, minus any filing fees paid to the government or third-party processing fees.

Cancellation Policies

Should an individual decide to cancel their Legal Zoom services, they are still entitled to any of the documents they have paid for. Orders can be canceled by calling (800) 773-0888 while subscriptions can be canceled through their online account or by calling (888) 310-0151. If the Legal Assist Plan is canceled and seniors need help with questions about their current legal documents, they may still call and speak with a customer care specialist but will no longer have access to a licensed attorney.

Who Should Consider Legal Zoom?

Seniors on a Budget

With Legal Zoom’s flat-fee legal documents, seniors can meet their estate needs without breaking their budgets by handling their most critical documents first and adding more later. Additional savings can be found when purchasing a bundle, which includes a year’s worth of legal assistance from a licensed attorney. In either case, Legal Zoom is significantly cheaper than hiring an elder law attorney.

Seniors Who Have Simple Estates

Because Legal Zoom documents are designed for use by the masses, they are most adapted to standard estate planning. Seniors with more complex situations may need a more robust solution.

Seniors Who Want Time to Plan

While an attorney is paid by the hour, Legal Zoom documents offer 30 days for revisions at no charge. This gives seniors additional time to consult with their families and gather the information they need to complete their estate planning.

What Are People Saying About Legal Zoom?

Reviews for Legal Zoom are generally positive, with many customers mentioning the savings involved and access to licensed attorneys when needed. The ease of the legal document tutorials and the speed with which they can be completed is another common benefit listed.

Customer service received mixed reviews, which were generally lower when it came to billing issues but complimentary for anything service-related. There were a few complaints that the service is not suited for complex legal issues, but most were pleased with the wide range of documents available. Overall, consumers seemed satisfied with the services they received and thankful to have an affordable option that could handle their standard legal situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Elder Law?

Elder law refers to the specialized field of senior legal needs.

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What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Elder law attorneys act as legal advocates for seniors and their families, offering consultation and representation as necessary.

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Can an Elder Law Attorney Help With Wills?

Due to extensive knowledge in senior legal matters, an elder law attorney is uniquely suited to assist with wills and estate planning.

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What Is the Difference Between an Elder Law Attorney and an Estate Attorney?

Elder law attorneys primarily handle the legal representation of seniors, including estate planning and will drafting. An estate attorney can be brought in for estate planning as well but can also handle the estate once the individual has passed.

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What Is Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney grants authority to another person to make legal and financial decisions within set circumstances.

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