Published: 7/17/2022

The best dental insurance that covers implants is Metlife. This company offers a selection of plans, with its top-tier offering having a generous first-year cover allowance of $2,000. Major dental work such as dentures and implants are included.

Other insurance providers that cover implants in their policies include Cigna and Guardian. These are among the best overall dental insurance providers, but they have more restrictive yearly allowances than those offered by Metlife. However, they have similar deductibles and a wide selection of plans, including ones that cover major dental procedures.

Why Metlife Is The Top Pick for the Best Dental Insurance Provider That Covers Implants

Metlife offers one of the most generous yearly allowances out of the major dental insurance providers, with cover starting at $2,000 in the first year. It has a wide variety of plans, with most having an industry-standard $50 deductible. Several plans include cover for implants, and some options have no waiting period.

Metlife’s cover compares quite favorably to the policies of its main rivals:

Yearly Allowance 


Covers Implants?



$50 – $150 depending on plan

Yes (50% on higher tier plans)




Yes (up to 50% depending on plan)




Yes on mid-tier and above plans

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Other Dental Insurance Options to Consider

Metlife isn’t the only option for dental insurance. Cigna and Guardian are also good options for seniors who think they might require cover for implants.

Cigna is best for those who prefer older, trusted brands. 

Cigna is one of the oldest major dental insurance providers. Its packages are middle-of-the-road, and its website isn’t particularly user-friendly. However, those who want affordable dental insurance and who are happy speaking to an agent over the telephone may feel peace of mind by dealing with a longstanding, trusted insurance company.

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Guardian offers a wide selection of plans.

Guardian is one of only a handful of insurance providers that offer HMO plans. It has a large selection of plans to choose from. The 12-month waiting period for major dental services may deter some patients, but the company offers good service and reasonable prices, as well as lots of flexibility in terms of available plans. 

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