Published: 7/17/2022

The best dental insurance that covers dentures is Metlife. Several of the dental insurance providers in this list offer some coverage for dentures, but Metlife has one of the most generous policies in terms of the discount offered and the variety of plans available.

Another good dental insurance provider that is willing to cover a portion of the cost of dentures is Humana. This company offers plans with no waiting period (or a very short waiting period) and affordable rates but tends to provide less generous discounts on dentures. Cigna also offers generous denture coverage under its Dental 1500 plan.

Why MetLife Is Our Top Pick for Dental Insurance That Covers Dentures 

MetLife PPO High is a comprehensive dental insurance plan with an above-average annual limit and a very low deductible. It covers up to 50% of the cost of major dental treatments and offers generous coverage for minor treatments and preventative care, too.

We also looked at some other dental insurance providers to see how they compare to MetLife:

Annual Limit


Dentures Covered?

MetLife PPO High



Yes (50%)

Humana Complete

$1250 in first year

$1500 thereafter


Yes (50%)

Cigna Dental 1500 



Yes (50%)

Cigna and Humana both also offer coverage of up to 50% of the cost of major dental treatments such as dentures through the Humana Complete and Cigna Dental 1500 plans. However, these plans have lower annual limits and higher deductibles, making them less attractive for an individual who will require a lot of dental work in the first year of their plan. However, Cigna stands out from Humana because it offers plans with no waiting period.

What To Consider When Choosing Dental Insurance

Seniors who need dentures or already have them and are concerned about their ongoing care should check the policy documents for any dental insurance provider they’re considering using carefully.

The best dental insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage with generous annual limits and small copays. Patients will usually need to cover a portion of the cost of major work such as implants or dentures, but the expense covered by the insurance company can vary dramatically depending on the plan. Prospective customers should consider what treatment they’re likely to need and what unexpected out-of-pocket fees they’re willing to pay.