Published: 7/17/2022

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has three members-only dental plan options, each aimed at people with different needs and budgets. The Delta Dental Insurance Company administers these plans and designs them to cater to the typical dental care needs of those aged 50 or over. In addition to covering the AARP member, these dental insurance plans also provide coverage for the member’s eligible dependents.

DeltaCare USA Is a Prepaid Plan

The DeltaCare USA plan is a “prepaid plan” that costs around half the amount of the other two plans. Under this co-pay plan, the member pays a fixed amount to the dentist for their care. There is no waiting period and no annual spending limit or deductible. However, it restricts members to a specific list of dentists, and if they need to see a different dentist in an emergency, the plan covers them for only $100 worth of emergency care.

The DPPO Plans Are More Flexible

AARP’s other two plans are DPPO plans. These options are more flexible than a prepaid plan, with a large network of dentists to choose from. A wide variety of dentists across the country accept the DPPO plans, and seniors have the option of going out-of-network for their care if they wish.

The DPPO Plan A has a small deductible and a generous annual limit but is the most expensive of the three plans. The DPPO Plan B is slightly more affordable but has a higher deductible. Both plans offer the option of covering dental care for a dependent spouse or unmarried dependent child under age 26. Stepchildren and grandchildren can qualify as dependent children.