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Best for Member Benefits 

Foresters Financial is a reputable insurance provider with over 140 years in the business. The company is involved in many philanthropic initiatives, giving back to communities it serves through charities such as Red Cross and Ronald McDonald House. Besides this work, Foresters Financial offers its customers unique benefits, such as scholarship opportunities, financial counseling and emergency assistance programs. 

Adults and seniors ages 50 to 85 can apply for this coverage, which accepts people with some pre-existing conditions. The flexible policy offers a range of coverage options that can be customized to fit the individual’s budget. The lower the coverage amount, the more affordable the monthly premium. 

Pros and Cons of Foresters Financial’s Burial Insurance


  • Additional benefits beyond the insurance coverage
  • A terminal illness loan is available if the policyholder becomes terminally ill 
  • Accidental Death Rider provides an increased payout to beneficiaries under certain circumstances 
  • Broad coverage range to choose from ($2,000 to $35,000)
  • No medical exam to qualify 
  • Fixed-rate premiums for life 


  • Approval isn’t guaranteed, the applicant must answer questions about their health history and the company checks the applicant’s prescription history 
  • Additional cost for the Accidental Death Rider 

Overview of Foresters Financial’s Burial Insurance 

Foresters Financial’s PlanRight Whole Life Burial Insurance is an affordable coverage option for middle-aged and older adults across the United States. Coverage amounts are available in various increments ranging from $2,000 to $35,000, and customers can customize their policies with added benefits, including up to three riders at no additional charge. 

As a whole life insurance policy, PlanRight offers coverage for the duration of the policyholder’s life (or until they reach the age of 121).

Eligible Ages Approval Process Death Benefit Amount Waiting Period Policy Maturity
PlanRight Whole Life Insurance 50-85 No Medical Exam — Some Health Questions $2,000-$35,000 Dependent On Final Approved Plan 121

How Much Does Foresters Financial’s Burial Insurance Cost? 

Foresters Financial’s PlanRight Whole Life Burial Insurance costs policyholders a fixed premium amount for the duration of the coverage. This premium amount (typically paid monthly) depends on the coverage amount selected; a higher coverage amount means a more expensive monthly premium. However, other factors can affect the cost of the premium, such as adding additional benefits to the policy.

While Foresters Financial allows policyholders to add up to three riders to this policy free of charge, an additional level of the Accidental Death Rider increases the payment amount. All PlanRight premiums are level and fixed for as long as the policyholder keeps their coverage and makes their payments. 

Eligibility, Plan Details, & Other Information

Eligibility Requirements

All adults ages 50 to 85 are eligible to apply for burial insurance under Foresters Financial’s PlanRight policy. However, unlike a guaranteed acceptance policy, this policy requires applicants to answer some questions regarding their medical history. There’s no medical exam to qualify. 

Applicants with some pre-existing conditions can still receive approval for coverage under the PlanRight Burial Insurance plan. These include mental health conditions, diabetes and heart conditions. 

Policy Riders

The policy allows for three riders at no additional charge. Policyholders can choose to add the Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, the Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider or the Family Health Benefit Rider. The Accelerated Death Benefit Rider is for policyholders who receive a terminal illness diagnosis. This rider allows them to receive an accelerated payout of the death benefit. The Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider provides an additional payout to beneficiaries if the policyholder is killed in an accident on a common carrier, such as a plane, bus or train. The Family Health Benefit Rider provides a payment to help cover family medical expenses incurred by natural disasters. 

Waiting Period

No specified waiting period applies to all policyholders registered for a PlanRight Burial Insurance policy through Foresters Financial. However, a waiting period may apply depending on the final approved plan. There are three versions of the PlanRight policy that can affect the waiting period a policyholder is given as part of their insurance. 

Application Process

Although no medical exam is required to start the application process, a few health checks take place. An applicant must undergo a quick interview regarding their health history and a check of their prescription history. The company also needs to access the applicant’s Medical Information Bureau file. The process for all these checks is electronic and is quick to complete online. 

The answers the applicant provides to these questions help Foresters Financial recommend the best version of the PlanRight policy for the individual. After the applicant completes the health check, they’re matched with one of three policy options that suit their needs. The policy option best suited to the applicant and their health determines the coverage amount the individual qualifies for and how much they pay monthly. 

Additional Benefits

All Foresters Financial customers, regardless of their plan, have access to certain member benefits. These include scholarships, emergency assistance programs, grant programs, financial literacy counseling and mentoring, benefits for orphans and family events. There’s no extra charge for these perks. 

PlanRight policyholders can also receive Illness Loans if they’re diagnosed with a terminal illness while they have an active policy from Foresters Financial. This benefit provides an interest-free loan of up to 75% of the selected coverage amount to help pay for necessary expenses during this challenging time. 

Who Should Consider Foresters Financial’s Burial Insurance? 

Individuals Who Have Pre-Existing Medical Conditions 

Foresters Financial’s PlanRight Whole Life Burial Insurance may be a good option for adults and seniors with pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions or mental health conditions, that could disqualify them from coverage elsewhere. PlanRight accepts applicants with these conditions without a medical exam, allowing them to secure the insurance they need to protect loved ones financially after they pass away. 

Adults Who Want Benefits in Addition to Insurance Coverage 

Adults and seniors looking for life insurance coverage that provides additional perks free of charge will appreciate the benefits of PlanRight from Foresters Financial. In addition to being able to customize their policies with the addition of three free riders, policyholders have access to benefits programs, such as support for orphans, scholarships for pursuing education and legal aid through LawAssure, all free of charge. 

What Are People Saying About Foresters Financial’s Burial Insurance?

There are mixed reviews online about the customer service experience provided by Foresters Financial. One woman, Jessica, left a five-star review on the Better Business Bureau site in 2019, detailing at length her positive experience with the provider. After her father’s death, she was able to submit his medical records and have the claim processed in a timely manner. She cites a good experience with the company during a difficult time. 

One reviewer in 2020 left a two-star review due to a check for a family death 4 months earlier still not being received. Later in 2020, another reviewer left a one-star review for a similar issue, suggesting she would take further action if the payout wasn’t received soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Burial Insurance Cover? 

Burial insurance can pay for funeral expenses, burial costs and the policyholder’s unpaid debts, or it can help loved ones financially. 

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What Type of Insurance Covers Burials? 

Burial insurance or life insurance are the types of policies to look for when seeking coverage for burial services. 

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How Do You Buy Burial Insurance? 

Individuals can buy burial insurance by selecting an insurance company they want coverage from and visiting their website. Typically, the individual requests an online quote and then either mails in a completed application form or fills out and submits the form online. 

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Do Burial Insurance Policies Have a Cash Value? 

Some burial insurance policies have a cash value, meaning the policy builds equity that the policyholder can borrow against, like a loan, over time. 

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How Does Burial Insurance Work? 

The insurance company pays out the agreed-upon amount to the policyholder’s chosen beneficiaries after they pass away. 

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