Page Reviewed / Updated – November 16, 2010

UPDATE: During the fiscal year of 2012, the Older Alaskans Program Medicaid Waiver, along with Adults with Physical Disabilities Medicaid Waiver, merged to form the Alaskans Living Independently Waiver. This page is maintained strictly for historical purposes.  

Waiver Description

This Alaska Medicaid waiver program is designed to help seniors live independently.  Program participants receive long term care services in their home or communities instead of in a residential nursing facility, provided the cost of care at home does not exceed a certain percentage of the cost of the same care in a nursing home.  The program is not just intended to allow seniors to live independently but also to allow families to care for their aging loved ones in their homes.  As such, the services covered by this program also support family caregivers.

Eligibility Guidelines

Alaskan residents who are 65 or older and require care that is provided in a nursing home or another intermediate skilled care center are medically qualified when their application is supported by the proper documentation. As with all Medicaid programs intended to serve the poor, there are financial considerations as well. In 2015, single applicants should not bring in more than $2,199 per month and should have $2000 or less in savings or other resources. Occasionally, there are situations when an individual meets the medical needs requirements but exceeds the financial requirements by a minor amount. In these cases, a Medicaid professional familiar with the state’s rules can help by guiding a family in preparing their application. Learn more about how Medicaid planners work.

Benefits and Services

Services are intended to both support seniors living independently and families who have senior dependents living with them.

  • Adult Day Care
  • Care Coordination
  • Chore Services
  • Environmental Modifications
  • Meals
  • Residential Supported Living
  • Respite
  • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Specialized Private Duty Nursing
  • Transportation


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How to Apply / Learn More

This program is available to all Alaskans.  However, some rural residents may need to re-locate to more urban areas to receive care in their homes or to assisted living communities.  The program’s rules and regulations are available for download here.  An annual renewal is required to continue receiving benefits.  To apply for this program, contact AK Health and Social Services, Division of Senior and Disability Services.  Their website is found here.