Eldercare Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Guides


Medicaid Related

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
What are Medicaid Entitlement Programs?
Medicaid Look Back Explained 
What is Spend Down?
Joint Assets Impact on Medicaid Eligibility
Transferring a Home from Parent to Caregiver Child
How Giving Family Members Money Endangers their Medicaid Eligibility
Medicaid and Assisted Living
Medicaid and Home Care
Medicaid and Adult Day Care
Medicaid and Adult Foster Care
What is Consumer Direction?
What is Share of Cost Medicaid?
Using Irrevocable Funeral Trusts to Qualify for Medicaid
Using Qualifying Income Trusts to Qualify for Medicaid
Medicaid vs. Veterans Pensions
Transferring Medicaid from State to State
Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility
Life Care Agreements & Medicaid

Paying for Care and Related Expenses

Social Security, Optional State Supplements & Assisted Living
Common Misperceptions about Paying for Care
Who Pays for Long Term Care?
Can Spouses be Paid as Caregivers?
Paying for Alzheimer's Care
Paying for Parkinson's Care
Paying for Adult Day Care
Paying for Home Care Supplies
Paying for Incontinence Supplies and Adult Diapers
Paying for Walk In Tubs and Bathroom Modifications
Paying for Stair Lifts
Paying for Wheelchairs and Scooters
Paying for Wheelchair Ramps
Paying for Platform Lifts
Paying for Home Hospital Beds
Paying for Medication Management
Paying for PERS / Home Safety Monitoring
Using Your Home to Pay for Care
Using Technology to Lower Aging Care Costs
Veterans' Guide to Paying for Care
Financial Planning for Alzheimer's Care

Other Topics

Getting Paid to Care for Mom or Dad
Assisted Living in Mexico: Pros & Cons
Homebound / Housebound Definition and Importance
"Nursing Home Level of Care" Definition and Importance
What Happens When My Spouse Enters a Nursing Home?
Home Care Agency or Independent Caregiver?
Transportation Options for the Elderly
Hiring an Independent Caregiver Details
Payroll Services for Independent Caregivers
2018 Federal Poverty Levels
How Assisted Living Placement Agencies Work
Assessing Assisted Living Residences for Quality
How Assisted Living Works
Family and Medical Leave Act
Important Legal Documents for Aging Individuals
Value of Having Hospitals Near Assisted Living
Staff-to-Resident Ratios in Assisted Living
Nursing Home Alternatives
What is Non-Medical Care?
Home Care vs. Assisted Living Calculator
What are the Activities of Daily Living?
Accidents and Injuries: Receive Compensation for Care and Recovery
Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Care
What are Life Resource Planners?
Live In Caregivers: An Assisted Living Alternative
How Prescription Drug Discount Cards Work
How to Get Paid as a Caregiver in California
How to Get Paid as a Caregiver in Texas
How to Get Paid as a Caregiver in Florida
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