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Cost of Assisted Living in Hampton, Virginia

Page Reviewed / Updated - August 20, 2019

This guide is to provide detailed information about the cost of senior living to those who are considering long-term care for themselves or a loved one. It also includes information about financial assistance programs and other resources that are available to help seniors living in Hampton to pay for their care. For more information about financial assistance that's available state-wide, visit our guide to paying for senior care in Virginia.

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Hampton

Senior care costs in Hampton are comparable to state averages for all types of care, according to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey. Both assisted living and nursing home care costs are $200-$300 more than state averages, while the cost of home care is just a $190 less. Adult day care in Hampton is priced only $43 above the state average. 

Note: Specific information about the cost of care in Hampton isn't available in the Genworth Survey. Data for the nearest major city, Virginia Beach, has been used instead.

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Hampton?

Seniors who receive assisted living care in Hampton pay an average of $4,676.  This price is similar to what seniors living in Winchester and the Blacksburg area pay, and about $400 more than what seniors in Staunton and Roanoke pay. Richmond is home to the highest assisted living costs in Virginia with an average price of $5,048 per month, while Lynchburg has the lowest average cost at $3,695 per month. 

How much does Home Care Cost in Hampton?

The average cost of home care in Hampton is $3,623 per month, similar to other cities throughout Virginia, including Winchester and Harrisonburg. The price in Charlottesville at $4,358 per month is the highest in the state. Seniors in Roanoke pay the lowest average monthly price for home care, which is $3,384.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Hampton?

Adult day care costs an average of $1,560 per month in Hampton, just under the average cost in Roanoke, $1,571 per month. The most expensive adult day care in the state is in Charlottesville and Staunton, where the average cost is $1,733 per month. With an average price of $1,203 per month, Blacksburg is home to the lowest priced adult day care in Virginia.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Hampton?

Seniors in Hampton pay an average of $7,772 for nursing home care, which is about mid-range when compared with other cities throughout Virginia. In Richmond, Virginia's capital, the average cost is $7,917 per month, which is just $145 more than in Hampton. Winchester's nursing home costs are the highest in the state at $10,129 per month. Seniors looking for a more economical option should consider Lynchburg, where the average cost of nursing home care is only $6,385 per month.

Financial Assistance Programs in Hampton

Medicaid Program in Hampton

Medicaid helps low-income U.S. citizens across the country access safe health care services at no cost. In states like Virginia, the Medicaid system is accessed by residents with a variety of needs, including families with children, pregnant women, disabled persons and senior citizens. The state Medicaid plan covers a variety of costs, such as primary care, dental care, prescription medication and nursing home care. Other long-term care options may be covered by waivers that amend the state Medicaid plan.

To qualify for Medicaid in Virginia on the basis of age, seniors must be at least 65 years old and full-time residents of Virginia. Financially, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Single applicants or married applicants applying without their spouse are allowed an income of up to $832.66 per month and a maximum of $2,000 in countable assets.
  • Married applicants who are applying together are allowed an income of up to $1,127.33 per month and up to $3,000 in countable assets.

For eligibility purposes, all forms of income are counted including social security income and retirement pension. Some assets are excluded from consideration, such as the applicant's home and its furnishings, a single vehicle, personal belongings and irrevocable burial trusts.

Seniors living in Hampton can apply for coverage by contacting Cover Virginia at (855) 242-8282 or by completing an application online. The state plan is an entitlement program, which means that all eligible applicants are able to begin receiving benefits immediately upon acceptance into the plan.

´╗┐Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus Medicaid Waiver (CCC+)

The Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus Medicaid Waiver (CCC+) helps elderly individuals and those with disabilities to access care in their communities and avoid or delay the need for nursing home care. CCC+ covers costs including assisted living, homemaker services, home health aides, meal assistance and non-emergency transportation. CCC+ also includes all standard benefits of the state Medicaid plan. Some participants of this waiver are able to direct their own care by hiring, training and supervising their own caregivers.

To be eligible for CCC+, an applicant must be a legal resident of Virginia who is at least 65 years of age or legally disabled. All applicants, regardless of age, must require a nursing level of care. The following income requirements are in place for this program:

  • Single applicants and married applicants applying without their spouse are allowed an income of up to $2,313 per month and a maximum of $2,000 in countable assets.
  • Married applicants who are applying together are allowed an income of up to $4,626 per month and a maximum of $4,000 in countable assets.

Applicants who don't meet the financial requirements of the program yet have high medical expenses may qualify via the state's Medically Needy Pathway. This program allows applicants to deduct the cost of medical bills from their monthly income prior to counting it toward eligibility.

To apply for CCC+, seniors can call the Department of Medical Assistance Services at (804) 786-7933.

More information can be found here.

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Hampton

Virginia Adult Services Program

The Virginia Adult Services Program helps senior citizens and disabled persons to access care services in their own home or in the home of a caregiver. It aims to save the state money by reducing nursing home placements while increasing the quality of life for those who need care. The services that may be covered by this program include home health care, meal preparation or delivery, personal care and case management.

To qualify for the program, applicants must be legal residents of Virginia and at least 60 years of age or legally disabled. They must undergo an assessment of their physical needs and be determined to require regular care. Income requirements are not published but are based on the state's median income.

To apply, seniors in Hampton can visit the Hampton City Social Services Department at 1320 LaSalle Ave. to obtain an application or call (757) 727-1996.

More information can be found here.

Auxiliary Grants for Assisted Living and Adult Foster Care

Auxiliary Grants (AGs) are available to Virginia residents who are aged, blind or disabled individuals and reside in an assisted living facility or adult foster care home. The AG benefit is a monthly cash benefit that's issued to these persons to help subsidize the cost of their care.

To qualify for an AG, applicants must undergo an assessment conducted by the Department of Social Services to determine their level of need. The assessment will be based on the four following areas of eligibility criteria:

  • Be at least 65 years of age
  • Must be a legal resident of Virginia and living in an assisted living community or approved adult foster care home
  • Must require assistance with at least one to two activities of daily living or demonstrate a significant functional need
  • Must have an income below the AG amount and less than $2,000 in countable assets ($3,000 for couples)

Seniors can apply by calling the Hampton City Social Services Department at (757) 727-1996.

More information can be found here.

More Senior Living Resources in Hampton


Phone Number


Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

(757) 727-1111

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are available to low-income families and individuals. They help families to access safe, sanitary housing by subsidizing rental rates on homes in the private market.

Office of Human Affairs

(757) 727-1800

The Hampton Office of Human Affairs offers a variety of emergency assistance programs to help families and individuals during times of crisis. Assistance programs include winter utility bill assistance, emergency shelter, temporary rent/mortgage assistance and maintenance payments. 

Energy Assistance

(800) 552-3431

The Virginia Department of Social Services offers energy assistance to low-income households. Types of assistance include help with heating and cooling costs, and heating emergencies, such as furnace replacements and weatherization.