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Cost of Assisted Living in Memphis, Tennessee

Page Reviewed / Updated - July 20, 2019

In the guide that follows, you will find information regarding the cost of senior care in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as information regarding financial assistance programs and other resources that are available to seniors living in the Memphis area. To learn more about the cost of senior care and financial assistance programs in the state, read our guide to paying for senior care in Tennessee

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Memphis

According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Study, the average monthly cost of senior care in Memphis is near or below the state average for the most part.

Compared to the state averages, the cost of adult day care is about even, while the cost of assisted living is around $300 less, and the cost of home care is about $175 less. Nursing home care in Memphis is $6,540 per month, which is actually slightly higher than the state average of $6,388. 

Memphis Assisted Living Costs

When comparing assisted living in Memphis with that of other major cities throughout the state, the cost is about mid-range. In some of the state's smaller cities, such as Jackson and Chattanooga, the average monthly cost of assisted living is $100 to $570 lower than in Memphis. In Nashville, Tennessee's capital city, the average cost of assisted living is the highest in the state at $4,500 per month — over $900 more than Memphis.

Memphis Home Care Costs

The average monthly cost of home care in Memphis is $3,432, lower than in most other cities surveyed except Cleveland and Jackson, where costs are $3,289 and $3,314, respectively. The most expensive home care in the state can be found in Chattanooga and Johnson City, both of which have average monthly home care costs of $3,718. Home care in those cities costs nearly $300 more per month than in Memphis. 

Memphis Adult Day Care Costs

In Memphis, the average monthly cost of adult day care is $1,452, which like assisted living, is about mid-range when compared with other major cities in Tennessee. The cost of adult day care in Memphis is approximately $1,000 less than in Jackson, where the cost is $2,600 — the highest in the state. At the other end of the cost range is Johnson City, where the average monthly cost of adult day care is about $400 less than Memphis at only $1,083. 

Memphis Nursing Home Costs

The average monthly cost of nursing care in Memphis is also mid-range when compared with other cities in Tennessee. The cost of care in Memphis is $6,540, nearly $500 less than Knoxville where the cost of nursing home care is highest at $7,026 per month and about $600 more per month than in Cleveland, where the cost of nursing home care is lowest at $5,931.

Financial Assistance Programs in Memphis

Medicaid Program in Memphis

In Tennessee, the Medicaid program is known as TennCare. It provides healthcare to low-income residents of Tennessee, the majority of whom are elderly or disabled. TennCare's standard coverage provides elderly individuals with some personal care services and covers the cost of care in licensed nursing homes. Additionally, all TennCare participants are provided with access to a broad range of health care services, including doctor visits, medical treatment and hospitalization, dental care, optometry, prescription medication and diagnostic testing. 

To qualify for TennCare as an elderly individual, applicants must be 65 years of age or older and long-term care must be medically necessary. To receive access to home care services under the CHOICES program, seniors must either require a nursing level of care or a high-level of home care assistive services and be able to live safely at home. Financially, applicants can't have an income higher than $2,313 per month or assets that are valued at more than $2,000. 

To apply for TennCare, seniors living in the Memphis area can contact the West Tennessee Regional Office at (866) 372-5709. 

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Memphis

TennCare CHOICES Waiver 

The TennCare CHOICES program is part of TennCare. It's the state's Home and Community-Based Services waiver, and it provides seniors and disabled individuals with access to supportive services including assisted living, home care services, nursing care and transportation services. The CHOICES program can be accessed by those living at home or within an assisted living or nursing facility.

For seniors who continue to live at home, covered services also include respite care, home-delivered meals, minor home modifications, personal emergency response systems and assistive technology. Eligibility requirements and the application process for the CHOICES program are the same as for TennCare's state plan, which are detailed above. 

Tennessee OPTIONS for Community Living 

This program helps seniors who continue to live at home by providing services, such as meal delivery, home care services and personal emergency response systems, as well as recreational activities, adult companions and respite care. Seniors participating in the OPTIONS program have the opportunity to direct their own care, which means they are able to choose their own service providers and may choose to hire a friend or family member to provide their care.

To qualify for OPTIONS, seniors must be 60 years of age or older and a legal resident of Tennessee. They must also require assistance with the activities of daily living. Financially, applicants may not have an income that is more than 600 percent above the federal poverty level, which is $12,490 per year. Preference is given to those with the lowest income. 

Tennessee Adult Day Care Services

This program provides a range of services to seniors who choose to continue living at home throughout the day time. While the program doesn't include round-the-clock care, participants receive a substantial amount of supportive services, including meal preparation, medication reminders and transportation services.

To be eligible for this program, income must not be more than 125 percent of the federal poverty level. Applicants must be legal residents of Tennessee aged 60 or older, and they must require daily supervision or care. 

To apply for any of the programs listed above, seniors can call (866) 836-6678. 

More Senior Living Resources in Memphis

Resource Phone Number Description
HUD Units for the Elderly

(202) 708-1112

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) keeps an inventory of subsidized apartments and multi-family units specifically for low-income seniors and disabled individuals. 
Housing Modification Program/Ramp Program

(615) 242-4091

Low-income seniors who are living in their own home can apply for a grant to modify their home in order to increase accessibility. Covered modifications may include ramp additions, widening doorways or modifying bathrooms for increased safety. 
Emergency Home Repair Program

(800) 228-8432

This program provides seniors and disabled individuals with grants to assist with necessary home repairs. Those who are unable to afford the cost of roof repairs, electrical systems, septic systems, furnace replacement or other emergency repairs can work with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency to receive funding assistance.