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Cost of Assisted Living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Page Reviewed / Updated - July 20, 2019

This guide includes detailed information regarding the cost of senior care in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It also provides information regarding financial assistance programs and resources that are available to seniors who live in this area. For more information about the cost of senior care and financial assistance programs in the state, read our guide to paying for senior care in North Carolina

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Winston-Salem

According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care study, the cost of senior care in the Winston-Salem area varies depending on the type of care. While nursing home care comes in at $6,950, which is on par with the state average, assisted living costs in the area are $4,212, costing several hundred dollars more than the state average. Adult day care in Winston-Salem is less expensive than the state average at only $1,148, while home care costs are slightly more expensive than the state average at $3,623. 

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Winston Salem?

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Winston-Salem is mid-range with other cities throughout the state. When compared to the state average, the cost of assisted living in Winston-Salem is more than $300 higher.

However, in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, assisted living is nearly $1,500 more per month than in Winston-Salem. Assisted living is far less expensive in some of North Carolina's smaller cities, such as Goldsboro and Jacksonville, where average monthly assisted living costs are $2,750 and $3,125, respectively. Other cities, such as Asheville and Charlotte, have assisted living costs that are within several hundred dollars of Winston-Salem's average.

How much does Home Care Cost in Winston Salem?

The average monthly cost of home care in Winston-Salem is $3,623, which is just a little bit above the state average of $3,527. In fact, most cities throughout the state have costs that are within a few hundred dollars of the state average.

In Asheville, the cost of home care is the most expensive in the state and is nearly $300 higher than in Winston-Salem. The least expensive home care costs in the state can be found in Goldsboro, where the average monthly cost is about $400 less than in Winston-Salem at $3,241. 

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Winston Salem?

The cost of adult day care throughout North Carolina tends to vary drastically depending on the city. While the average monthly cost in Winston-Salem is only about $40 less than the state average, it's nearly $900 lower than in Goldsboro, where the average monthly cost is $2,080. When compared to Jacksonville, where the cost is only $758 per month, Winston-Salem's average monthly cost is almost $400 higher. Most other cities, including Raleigh, Asheville and Charlotte, are priced similarly to Winston-Salem.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Winston Salem?

The cost of nursing home care in Winston-Salem is $6,950 per month, which is the same as the state average. In both Goldsboro and Asheville, nursing home costs are considerably higher at $7,787 and $7,680. There are some cities that are less expensive than Winston-Salem, such as Greenville, where the average cost is $6,743.

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Winston-Salem is on the lower end when compared to most other cities in North Carolina, with the most expensive cities bringing up the state's average monthly cost of nursing home care considerably. 

Financial Assistance Programs in Winston-Salem

Medicaid Program in Winston-Salem

In North Carolina and throughout the U.S., Medicaid exists to provide healthcare to low-income individuals, including senior citizens. The standard state plan covers the cost of a wide variety of healthcare-related expenses, such as doctors’ visits, hospitalization, medical treatments, dental care, prescription medications and medical equipment. Additionally, the standard state plan covers the cost of nursing home care. Funding for those who require financial aid with the cost of assisted living or home care expenses may be available under additional Medicaid waiver programs.

In North Carolina, elderly individuals wishing to receive Medicaid must be at least 65 years of age and meet the financial requirements of the program. Individuals may not have an income that exceeds $1,012 per month or assets valued at more than $2,000, while married applicants may not have an income higher than $1,372 per month or assets valued at more than $3,000. Asset limits exclude the individual's home, provided they continue to live in it, as well as household furnishings, personal items and a single vehicle. 

In North Carolina, some exceptions can be made to income requirements via the state's Spend-Down Program, which allows seniors to count income after paying for medical expenses, such as outstanding medical bills or necessary home modifications. 

Seniors can apply for Medicaid online by visiting the state Medicaid website. 

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Winston-Salem

Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults

This program, also known as CAP/DA, is funded by Medicaid and covers a variety of services for seniors who live at home and require long-term care, such as assisted living and supportive services, homemaker services, meal preparation and delivery, transportation and nurse visits. This program allows seniors to direct their own care, which means they have the option to choose their own caregivers, including family members. 

Seniors can automatically qualify for CAP/DA if they have a monthly income that's less than $1,041 for individuals or $1,409 for married couples. Those with a higher income may be eligible to receive assistance as well, provided that their cost of care reduces their disposable income to less than $242 for individuals or $317 for married couples. 

To apply for CAP/DA, seniors can contact Senior Services Inc. at (336) 725-0907.

Personal Care Services Program

This program is available to any senior who requires assistance with activities of daily living. It covers the cost of care in the home, in assisted living or in adult foster homes. This program is also funded by Medicaid. To be eligible for this program, seniors must be financially eligible for Medicaid and require daily assistance. 

Seniors can apply or learn more about this program by calling (855) 307-8307. 

Project C.A.R.E

Caregivers of elderly individuals with Alzheimer's Disease or other forms of dementia can receive temporary assistance under this program, which offers respite care. This program is limited and often has waiting lists in place but is available to all caregivers who provide support to seniors with dementia.

To request support, seniors or their caregivers can contact (828) 485-4267. 

Special Assistance Programs

The state of North Carolina offers several special assistance programs to seniors who reside both at home or in residential care facilities that provide assisted living or nursing care. These programs are funded by the state and cover expenses, such as room and board, groceries, clothing and other necessities.  Seniors who qualify for these programs are automatically qualified for Medicaid. There are three separate parts of this program for each level of care: an in-home program, an adult care home resident program and a special care unit program for seniors who reside in memory care homes. 

To be eligible for these programs, seniors must be at least 65 years of age, U.S. citizens and legal residents of North Carolina. It must also be medically documented that they require the level of care they are receiving. Financially, seniors may not earn more than $1,228 per month and may not own countable assets valued higher than $2,000.

To apply, seniors can contact the Forsyth Department of Social Services at (336) 703-3800.  

In-Home Aide Services Program

This program is also funded by the state and provides seniors with personal care services, including meal preparation, respite care, transportation services and personal care.

To be eligible for funding, seniors need to be at least 60 years of age and unable to perform activities of daily living without assistance. They must also reside in a participating care residence. There are no income or asset limitations for this program, but instead, care is covered on a sliding scale. Therefore, some seniors may be required to pay for a portion of their care. 

To apply for In-Home Aide Services, seniors can contact the Forsyth Department of Social Services at (336) 703-3800. 

More Senior Living Resources in Winston-Salem

Resource Phone Number Description
Multi-Family Units for the Elderly

(202) 708-1112

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides seniors with access to an inventory of low-cost multifamily units that are available to seniors and disabled individuals. 
Crisis Control Ministry

(336) 724-7875

Seniors who are at risk of eviction or having utilities shut off due to nonpayment can contact the Crisis Control Ministry for financial assistance. The organization is nonprofit and provides urgent assistance to those in dire need. 
Experiment in Self Reliance - Forsyth County

(336) 722-9400

The ESR provides low-income residents of Winston-Salem with temporary accommodations and low-income housing. The program is available to seniors and other low-income residents of all ages.