Prescription Drug Assistance from New Mexico's MEDBANK Program

Page Reviewed / Updated - Mar. 2018

Program Description

The PDA (Prescription Drug Assistance) New Mexico MEDBANK program aids residents of New Mexico in obtaining needed brand name prescription medications at an affordable rate or at no cost. This program is intended for low to middle income individuals who have no insurance coverage or who do not have adequate insurance coverage. Aside from receiving prescribed medications, a one time emergency voucher, up to $300 in value, is also available via this program. Assistance is also provided to help state residents access pharmaceutical company prescription assistance programs.

Did You Know? Approximately one quarter of older adults either neglect to fill a prescription or fail to take doses of prescribed medication due to the cost of the needed medication. 


Eligibility Guidelines

The eligibility guidelines are slightly different for MEDBANK versus the Emergency Voucher Assistance.


  • Must be a resident of New Mexico. Duration of residency is not a factor. Newcomers to the state can participate in the program.
  • Must be in the low to middle income bracket. 
  • Must have no insurance coverage or be underinsured.
  • Prescription medications must be needed to treat conditions that are long term, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, COPD, Osteoporosis or Kidney disease.
  • Must not be eligible for, or currently enrolled, in another prescription medication assistance program (An exception are applicants who have reached the cap on their insurance for prescription drugs)
  • Cooperation from the individual’s doctor is needed in order to sign appropriate paperwork, write prescriptions, and often, to receive the medication for the eligible individual.

Emergency Voucher Assistance.

  • Must be a resident of New Mexico. Length of residency is not a factor.
  • Must not have prescription drug insurance, Medicare Part D or full Medicaid
  • Must have a letter denying Medicaid from the Human Services Department or have an income level that is above the allowed amount for eligibility for prescription drugs via Medicaid
  • An individual must not have income greater than $18,000 a year and a married couple must not have income greater than $24,000 a year 
  • Must have submitted an application for MEDBANK and included all required information
  • Must be in need of at least one prescribed drug that is available via MEDBANK


Benefits and Services

Eligible applicants receive brand name prescription medications at either no cost or via a small, affordable copayment. This assistance may initially come in the form of a one time emergency voucher for prescribed medications, up to a $300 value. Emergency vouchers are given when an individual has completed an application for the PDA New Mexico MEDBANK Program, are currently out of their prescribed medication, and are in the process of waiting for the drug company to approve and ship their medication. 


How to Apply / Learn More

For more information about the PDA New Mexico MEDBANK Program or to apply for this program, visit the New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department website here or contact them at 800-432-2080 or 505-476-4799.