Our Mission
The PayingforSeniorCare.com website and the Eldercare Financial Resource Locator Tool were created and are maintained by the American Elder Care Research Organization. The organization’s mission is to assist individuals in the planning and implementing of long-term senior care. The website is designed to help families and caregivers locate information about long-term care resources for their loved ones, and to find the public and private programs available to assist in covering the cost of such care.

Our Background
The American Elder Care Research Organization was established in 2007 as a result of the founders’ personal experience navigating the maze of program eligibility requirements, and eventually assembling the myriad pieces of the puzzle to create a suitable financial plan for a loved one. Carol Guerrero, an attorney specializing in estate planning and other legal issues of seniors, and Alex Guerrero, a website developer, drew from the expertise of other immediate family members (in medicine, law and research) combining their experience and skills to create the PayingforSeniorCare.com website. Since the website was launched in 2008 it has helped thousands of families to find the care required for their loved ones to age with comfort and dignity, and to assist their families in finding the financial resources to make it possible.

Our Operations
During its first three years, our organization was funded entirely by donation. By 2011, however, we began to receive a small referral fee from eldercare service providers if a visitor to our website engaged with their service. Through this arrangement we are now able to sustain operations and strive towards our mission without other financial assistance or the use of display advertising on the website.

Our Future
PayingforSeniorCare.com today is a discovery tool. Through browsing and search, users are able to discover what programs and options are relevant to them. We are working towards a future in which we will be able to help families select the best options for their specific financial situation and resolve conflicting eligibility requirements through the use of interactive tools available on our website.

Our Contact Information - Please be aware that although our organization is based in Nevada, we provide information nationally. 

The American Elder Care Research Organization
50 West Liberty Street, Suite 880
Reno, NV 89501
Telephone: 641-715-3900 Ext. 606151#
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