Oklahoma In Home Assistance and Care Services for the Elderly

Program Description

Oklahoma's In Home Assistance is less a formal program and more a collection of services that are provided at no cost to elderly, needy state residents. These services are administered by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services’ Aging Services Division and provided locally by a network of 11 Area Agencies on Aging. Actual services may vary by locality, but generally include supports that are intended to help an elderly individual remain living in their home. These services may include personal care, assistance with house and yard work, and minor home repairs.

By assisting seniors in remaining in their homes, the state prevents the unnecessary placement of individuals in more expensive, Medicaid funded nursing homes.

 Did You Know?  Oklahoma seniors are eligible for free estimates for bathroom modifications, which help them to remain safely in their homes.   Learn more


Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility for services depends on which Area Agency on Aging is providing the services and on the availability of funding in any given year. That said, there are certain requirements in common in all areas of the state. Applicants must be at least 60 years of age and be legal Oklahoma residents. For most services, an applicant must also demonstrate a need for assistance. For example, he or she may be unable to prepare meals, manage medication, or do housecleaning.

The applicants' income is a factor in determining eligibility, and priority is given to those individuals who have the greatest need. However, given the variability by location and with fluctuating budgets, it is impossible to accurately provide an income limit for these services. (One exception is for respite care, which does not take income into account if the care recipient is over 60 years of age.) Program candidates are encouraged to contact their local Area Agency on Aging regardless of their income.


Benefits and Services

Services vary based on the availability of funding and with geographic location. However, in general terms the following supports are offered.

  • Personal / Attendant care (assistance with the activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, toiletry, and mobility)
  • Chore assistance (assistance with errands essential to helping the individual remain living at home)
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Light yard work and home maintenance
  • Caregiver assistance (may include in-home respite, training, and counseling)
  • Meal delivery / Congregate meals
  • Transportation


How to Apply / Learn More

To apply for In Home Assistance Services, individuals should contact their local Area Agency on Aging.

There are other free or low cost assistance services available to help elderly Oklahomans remain living at home.  Read about the Respite Resource and Adult Day Care programs.