Volunteer Community Projects to Help the Elderly with Home Modifications

Page Reviewed / Updated - Apr. 2015


Many local organizations or the local chapters of national organizations undertake home modification or improvement projects on a volunteer basis on behalf of local, elderly residents and persons with disabilities.


Finding Assistance

Some groups have a formal application process for their community building projects and others may undertake projects on a less formal or by-request basis.  One should contact the following types of local organizations; even if these organizations have not done such projects previously, they often might do so when requested.

  • Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • High Schools
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Rotary, Lions and 4H Clubs
  • Unions
  • University Fraternities and Sororities

After participating in a community building project, many organizations will post information about the project on their websites and Facebook pages.  This information can be helpful in identifying local resources that have done volunteer home improvement projects in the past.  Try performing a web search containing the phrase "community building project" and your "city and state".  For example:

“Community building project” AND “Salt Lake City, Utah”
“Community building project” AND “Trenton, NJ”

Scan the search results and look for organizations’ names and then contact them directly to inquire whether they would be interested in undertaking another community building project for you or your loved one would requires assistance.


Getting an Estimate

Some volunteer groups ask that homeowners get an official estimate for their project as this may help them if there is a tax deduction associated with their efforts.   One option for getting an estimate is to contact your local Independent Living Center.  They may be able to provide a free estimate.  Alternatively, this online service will provide seniors with multiple, free estimates from local contractors.