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Cost of Assisted Living in Woodland Hills, California

Page Reviewed / Updated - June 25, 2019

Read this guide for information about the costs of senior care in Woodland Hills. Find out about the eligibility requirements for financial assistance programs and get resources to help with the hunt for affordable senior housing. For more information about statewide assistance programs, check out our guide to senior care in California

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Woodland Hills

Senior care costs are affordable in Woodland Hills according to the 2018 Genworth Cost of Care Survey. This Los Angeles County area is particularly affordable for seniors who need nursing home care. The average cost of nursing home care in Woodland Hills is more than $750 below the state median. Assisted living costs line up with the costs statewide, and adult day care and in-home care are both more affordable than the state median. 

Note: Senior care cost data wasn’t available for Woodland Hills, so the data for the closest city, Los Angeles, was used.

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Woodland Hills?

Assisted living costs can vary dramatically across the state of California, but Woodland Hills is solidly in the middle of the price range at an average of $4,500 per month. Bakersfield is the least expensive city for assisted living at $3,150; it is $1,350 below what seniors pay in Woodland Hills.

San Francisco and San Jose top the list of most expensive assisted living facilities with an average price that is $1,000 more than Woodland Hills. Oxnard, Sacramento and San Diego are all comparable to Woodland Hills with a range of just $4,400 - $4,500.

How much does Home Care Cost in Woodland Hills?

While Woodland Hills is on the lower end for home care services in California, there are several areas where services are less expensive. The Bakersfield average is just $4,385, which is nearly $400 less per month than in Woodland Hills. Riverside is also on the low end, where costs are nearly $300 lower.

In Sacramento and San Diego,the monthly average price for home care is the same as Woodland Hills at $4,767. San Francisco and San Jose are the most expensive areas with costs of $5,625 and $5,720, respectively, approximately $900 - $1,000 more than in Woodland Hills.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Woodland Hills?

Woodland Hills is particularly inexpensive for adult day care services at just $1,565 per month — one of the lowest averages in the state. Only Hanford is less expensive than Woodland Hills with a low monthly cost of $867.

Most areas fall between $1,700 - $2,000 per month, which is still at least $235 more than you'd expect to pay in Woodland Hills. In Napa, the most expensive area for adult day care, the average is $2,167, over $500 more per month than in Woodland Hills. San Francisco, San Diego and Oxnard all fall near $1,700 per month, which is fairly close to Woodland Hills.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Woodland Hills?

Nursing home care in Woodland Hills is fairly affordable at $7,604. The costs are just above the national average of $7,441 and close to Bakersfield at $7,513 or Riverside at $7,559. All three areas are within $100 of each other.

Areas like San Jose and San Francisco cost about $1,500 more than Woodland Hills with average costs of $9,125 and $9,148, respectively.

Financial Assistance Programs in Woodland Hills

Medicaid Program in Woodland Hills

Medicaid is an entitlement program paid for by state and federal governments. As an entitlement program, all benefits are available to eligible applicants. In Woodland Hills, the state program is known as Medi-Cal, and it offers health care services to low-income adults, children, seniors and the disabled.

Under Medi-Cal, medical care, hospitalization, prescription drugs and skilled nursing facilities come at no cost to eligible participants. Long-term care programs under the Medicaid umbrella may help with other senior care costs in Woodland Hills like adult day care, assisted living or a variety of in-home services. Medicaid eligibility is complicated, and some programs have both financial and medical criteria. To qualify for Medi-Cal, seniors must:

  • Be at least 65 years old
  • Earn no more than $1,012 as an individual or $1,372 for a married couple.
  • Have assets that total no more than $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a married couple

Seniors who earn too much to qualify for Aged and Disabled Medi-Cal may still be eligible for benefits. Medically Needy Medi-Cal is available to seniors with expensive medical care costs who earn in excess of the monthly limits for standard Medi-Cal. There are no income limits imposed on Medically Needy Medi-Cal, but participants should expect to pay some of the costs for services. A senior living in a nursing home might pay all of their income toward their medical care, retaining just $35 as a monthly allowance. 

Some property and assets don't count toward the total. Woodland Hills seniors can exclude the value of:

  • A primary home, with no equity limit
  • A vehicle for personal use
  • Monthly health insurance premiums
  • Household member maintenance allowances each month
  • Reserved burial plots valued at up to $1,500
  • Life insurance with a cash value of up to $1,500

To apply for Medi-Cal or to learn more about the program, visit your Woodland Hills Department of Public Social Services in person, online or over the phone by calling (866) 613-3777 or (626) 569-1399.

Medicaid Waivers in Woodland Hills

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

The In-Home Supportive Services waiver allows seniors living at home in Woodland Hills to hire and manage a self-selected caregiver. Participants use the provided funds to pay for any needed services ranging from a home health aide to housekeeping help. Under IHSS, seniors may hire family members, or even a spouse to fill the role of caregiver. 

IHSS has four programs available depending on an applicant's eligibility. Two programs, the Community First Choice Option and the Medi-Cal Personal Care Services waiver, are both under the IHSS umbrella and geared toward seniors. They are not entitlement programs and waiting lists may apply for services.

To qualify for coverage with no share of the cost, seniors must be financially eligible for Medi-Cal for the aged and disabled. Medically needy options do exist, but seniors may be expected to help pay on a sliding scale for these services.  

To apply, call 888-944-4477 or 213-744-4477 or for more information about the program, take a look at our IHSS Guide here

Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP)

The Multipurpose Senior Services Program offers low-income seniors in Woodland Hills case management services to coordinate their care. Managers handle in-home and community-based services, ensuring participants have access to all needed assistance programs. This may include adult day care, respite care, personal care, transportation services, or even minor home repairs or modifications.

Eligible seniors have a primary residence in Los Angeles County, are at least 65 years old, need the level of care offered in a nursing home and are enrolled in Medi-Cal with no share of the cost assessment. Seniors participating in the SCAN Network are not eligible for MSSP. 

To apply, applicants must contact a local office. Los Angeles County has four service locations outside of the city and an additional two in the city. Call 1-800-510-2020 for more information about which office serves your area. This program serves 11,789 participants per month throughout the state, so expect a waiting list. For more information about MSSP, click here.

Home and Community-Based Alternatives (HCBA)

Medi-Cal offers waivers designed to help seniors stay in the community and avoid long-term institutionalization. The HCBA waiver is one of these, though there is a statewide enrollment cap that may limit availability.

The HCBA waiver covers the costs of private duty nursing, home health aides, life-sustaining utility reimbursement and respite care to Woodland Hills residents as long as the cost does not exceed admission into an institutional setting.

Eligible applicants live in Los Angeles County and have full Medi-Cal enrollment with no share of cost. In addition to the financial eligibility requirements, the HCBA waiver also requires seniors to demonstrate the need for in-home services and be at risk of nursing home placement. 

For more information about this waiver, call 213-897-6774. 

Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS)

The CBAS waiver replaces the Adult Day Health Care waiver with an array of similar services. Participants may receive some or all of the following services:

  • Skilled nursing care delivered at a service center
  • Adult day care
  • Meals
  • Physical and/or occupational therapy
  • Transportation to and from the facility
  • Social and recreational activities

Eligibility guidelines for CBAS are more stringent than under the Adult Day Health Care Waiver. Under CBAS, seniors must meet full Medi-Cal eligibility requirements and demonstrate a functional need. In this case, seniors must need a nursing facility level of care or have a severe cognitive impairment like Alzheimer's or dementia. All eligibility determinations are made by managed care providers.

For more information about managed care, contact the Department of Health Care Services Los Angeles Field Office at (866) 644-6341. To learn more about the CBAS program, click here.

Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

The PACE program takes a holistic approach to senior health, bringing all care needs under a single umbrella. Eligible seniors get comprehensive assistance that matches their needs based on ongoing assessments from their interdisciplinary team, which includes an assigned primary care physician. A qualified senior is:

  • At least 55 years old
  • Eligible for skilled nursing home care
  • A resident in a designated service area
  • Able to live in the community safely

Seniors that need assistance with ADLs may qualify after an assessment. There is no cost to very low-income seniors, though those with a share of cost assessed to their Medi-Cal determination may pay some of the premiums associated with PACE.

PACE replaces any existing Medicare/HMO, and Medicaid may pay the difference in the premiums. Seniors who do not receive Medicaid should expect to pay a monthly premium. PACE is available to seniors living in assisted living facilities, but it does not cover room and board. For more information about PACE, click here.

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Woodland Hills

Supportive Services Program

Seniors living in Woodland Hills and over the age of 60 may receive help through the Supportive Services Program. This program is designed to help seniors live independently for as long as possible. Some of the services provided include homemaker, personal care, in-home respite care and Alzheimer's adult day care.

There are no income limits on eligibility, but this is not an entitlement program and funding is limited. Applicants with the most pressing financial or social needs get priority placement on the waiting list.

This program is available to seniors in Woodland Hills and the rest of Los Angeles County, excluding the city. For more information about SSP, call 800-510-2020 or click here.

Family Caregiver Support Program

The Family Caregiver Support Program is designed to offer assistance to primary caregivers. This includes training and interim respite care, along with home health services and even financial assistance with modifications. Services are available to seniors aged 60 and older or anyone caring for an Alzheimer's patient.

There are no income restrictions on this program, but waiting lists are common. For more information, contact the Los Angeles County Workforce Development Aging and Community Services agency at 800-510-2020 or click here for more information. 

Senior Care Action Network (SCAN)

The SCAN program is a Medicare Advantage plan designed for seniors who are also eligible for Medi-Cal with no share of cost. Eligible seniors receive services at approved locations, at home or in a skilled nursing facility. Coverage includes long-term care services. Not all areas in Woodland Hills are eligible. Only seniors who live in the 91303, 91364, 91367 or 91371 zip codes are eligible to apply. For more information about SCAN, call 562-989-5100​.

More Senior Living Resources in Woodland Hills


Phone Number


Public and Affordable Housing Programs  (626) 262-4510 Los Angeles County manages 2,962 units offered to low-income seniors and families. Vacancies are filled from a waiting list. Contact the County Development Authority for information about getting on the waiting list.
Owensmouth Gardens (818) 715-1750 This senior housing complex offers affordable apartments to low-income seniors. Typically, rent does not exceed 30% of a renters income. This housing complex is HUD subsidized and may have a waiting list for vacancies. 
SoCalGas CARES (800) 427-2200 This program is run by SoCalGas, Southern California's gas provider, and offers eligible seniors a 20% discount on their utility bill. Income limits apply, but seniors enrolled in Medi-Cal or Supplemental Security Income automatically apply.