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Cost of Assisted Living in Citrus Heights, California

Page Reviewed / Updated - July 19, 2019

This guide contains detailed information about the cost of senior care in Citrus Heights, California, as well as additional details regarding resources and financial assistance programs available to seniors living in the area who can't afford to pay the full cost of their own care. For more details regarding financial assistance programs that are offered throughout the state, read our guide to paying for senior care in California

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Citrus Heights

According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, senior care costs in Citrus Heights are reasonable when compared with state averages. Although the costs of adult day care and nursing home care are slightly above state averages, the difference is quite small. When compared with state averages, the cost of both assisted living and home care in Citrus Heights is just slightly less. Some of the state's largest cities, such as San Francisco and San Jose, have senior care costs that are much higher than in Citrus Grove while in cities such as Fresno and Riverside, most types of senior care cost quite a bit less than in Citrus Grove. 

Note: Specific senior care cost data isn't available for Citrus Grove. Data for the nearest major city, Sacramento, has been used instead. 

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Citrus Heights?

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Citrus Heights is $4,473, which is just $27 below both the state average and the average monthly cost in both Los Angeles and the San Diego area. While this price is fairly reasonable when compared with other costs across the state, less expensive assisted living costs are available in both Fresno and the Riverside area, where the average cost is $1,000 less at only $3,500 per month. San Francisco and San Jose have the highest average assisted living costs in the state at $5,500 per month, which is $1,027 per month more than the Citrus Heights average. 

How much does Home Care Cost in Citrus Heights?

Home care costs in Citrus Heights average $4,767 per month, which is nearly $200 less than the state average. In both Los Angeles and San Diego, average monthly home care costs are the same as in Citrus Heights. However, in San Francisco and San Jose costs average $5,625 and $5,720 per month, respectively — close to $1,000 per month more than the Citrus Heights average. Less expensive home care costs can be found in several cities across the state, including Fresno, Chico and Riverside. 

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Citrus Heights?

Adult day care in California ranges from about $1,550 per month to a little more than $2,100. The average monthly cost in Citrus Heights is close to the middle of this range at $1,733. Adult day care costs are the lowest in Los Angeles, where the cost averages $1,565 per month. The most expensive adult day care costs in the state are in Chico, where the average monthly cost is $2,134 per month.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Citrus Heights?

Nursing home care is the most expensive type of senior care in California, which is also true for most states. In Citrus Heights, the average monthly cost of nursing home care is $8,517, which is nearly double the cost of home care and assisted living. When compared to the state average, the cost of nursing home care in the city is $152 more, but when compared with some of California's largest cities, such as San Francisco and San Jose, the cost in Citrus Heights is more than $500 cheaper. Seniors in Los Angeles and Riverside, where costs are the lowest in the state at $7,604 and $7,559 respectively, pay less for nursing home care than those in Citrus Heights.

Financial Assistance Programs in Citrus Heights

Medicaid Program in Citrus Heights

In California, the state Medicaid plan is known as Medi-Cal. It provides healthcare insurance to low-income Californians including aged, blind and disabled individuals. Medi-Cal's standard plan covers the cost of physician and dentist care, hospital services, prescription medications and emergency transportation. Seniors aged 65 and older may also be eligible to have the cost of nursing home care covered under the Medi-Cal state plan, provided they require a nursing level of care. 

To be eligible for Medi-Cal coverage as a senior citizen, applicants must be 65 years of age or older. There are also financial eligibility requirements which state that single seniors may not have an income above $16,395 per year, while married applicants may not have an income higher than $22,108 per year. Single applicants are restricted to $2,000 in countable assets. Married applicants are allowed no more than $3,000 in countable assets. Exemptions include the applicant's home provided one spouse continues to reside in it, as well as personal belongings and a single vehicle. 

Seniors who do not meet the above financial requirements may still be eligible for coverage if they have excessive medical bills. The Medi-Cal spend-down program allows beneficiaries to pay for medical expenses before counting income towards the program's requirements. When taking advantage of this program, it's advisable to work with a professional Medicaid planner. 

California's state Medi-Cal program is an entitlement program, which means that all applicants who meet eligibility requirements are approved to participate. Seniors living in Citrus Heights can apply for Medi-Cal or request further information by contacting (800) 300-1506. 

Medicaid Waivers in Citrus Heights

Assisted Living Waiver

The Assisted Living Waiver was created to decrease the number of seniors accessing nursing home care via the state's Medi-Cal program. It provides eligible seniors with nursing services while allowing them to remain in an assisted living facility, provided it's safe for them to do so. This waiver covers the cost of assisted living services, as well as the cost of nurse visits and other care services. Room and board expenses must be paid for out of pocket. 

This program is available to any California resident aged 21 and older who requires daily care. Financially, applicants must be Medi-Cal eligible. This program accepts a limited number of participants, therefore, there may be a waiting list to participate. 

To apply, seniors can call the Sacramento County Human Assistance office at (916) 874-3100. 

In-Home Supportive Services
In-Home Supportive Services is a waiver program that helps seniors who prefer to continue living at home while needing help with activities of daily living (ADLs). Seniors who participate in this program have the opportunity to choose their own caregivers, which may be a family member, a friend or a professional. They are also welcome to participate in determining their own needs and the services that they receive. This program covers costs including in-home personal care, meal preparation and delivery services, non-medical transportation and errand assistance. 

This program is available to seniors aged 65 and older, provided they meet the financial eligibility requirements for the state Medi-Cal plan. A limited number of participants are accepted to this program and waitlists can be long at times. 

To apply for this waiver, seniors living in Citrus Heights can call the Sacramento County Human Assistance office at (916) 874-3100. 

Home and Community-Based Alternatives

Home and Community-Based Alternatives helps seniors and disabled or unwell individuals to pay for temporary nursing care. In addition to care services, it covers the cost of transition services, home modifications, emergency response systems and home health care for a short period after moving out of a nursing care facility. 

This program is open to California residents of any age who require a nursing level of care and reside in a nursing home or hospital. Financially, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for the state Medi-Cal program. This program is only open to 5,500 participants, therefore, wait times to participate can be long. 

To apply, seniors can contact the Area Agency on Aging/Area 4 at (916) 486-1876. 

Community-Based Adult Services Program

The Community-Based Adult Services Program helps Medi-Cal beneficiaries access adult day care programs and community programs throughout the state. Services often include daytime personal care, in-clinic nursing care and nutritional services. 

This program is only available to participants of Medi-Cal managed care programs. 

For more information, seniors can contact the Area Agency on Aging/Area 4 at (916) 486-1876. 

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Citrus Heights

Optional State Supplement

California's optional state supplement is available to low-income individuals and families who require additional financial assistance outside of what Medi-Cal provides. Funds may be used to pay for room and board costs or alternative therapies not covered by Medi-Cal. The amount of the benefit is determined by the senior's living situation and current income. The maximum payout is $412 per month. 

To qualify for the supplement, applicants must be recipients of the federal Supplemental Security Income benefit. To apply, seniors can contact the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213. 

More Senior Living Resources in Citrus Heights


Phone Number


Sacramento Self-Help Housing

(916) 389-7877

Seniors and other low-income individuals living in Citrus Heights and throughout the greater Sacramento area can access safe and affordable permanent housing through the Sacramento Self-Help Housing program. This program facilitates relationships between senior citizens and senior housing options, including interim and supportive housing services for those who have a high level of need. 
California LifeLine

(877) 858-7463

California LifeLine provides urgent assistance to low-income individuals and families who are unable to pay the cost of their phone bills. 
Low Income Weatherization Program 

(916) 576-7109

Low-income families and individuals living in the greater Sacramento area, including Citrus Heights, can participate in this program to receive free efficiency upgrades to save on their energy costs and utility bills.
Housing Choice Voucher 

(916) 440-1390

The Housing Choice Voucher program helps senior citizens and families with extremely low income by working with private landlords to subsidize the cost of rent so that those in need can access safe, clean housing.