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Best Value

Lively offers the best value hearing aids for consumers who are seeking premium-quality devices backed by industry-leading support from licensed audiologists. Lively’s FDA-approved, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids start at $1,850 per pair and come with a 3-year warranty and a 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

Lively Pros

Lively Cons

User-friendly, FDA-approved behind-the-ear style hearing aids

Only one style of hearing aid

Cases come in seven colors to match hair color/skin tone

Cases come in seven colors to match hair color/skin tone

3-year warranty

Accessories range in price from $199 up to $299

100-day money-back guarantee

Customers need to use the Lively app to adjust hearing aids

Unlimited virtual on-demand support from an audiologist for three years

Consumers must have a high-speed data connection with FaceTime or Skype to access Lively’s support service

Monthly payment plans with no up-front costs available

Interest rates range from 0% to 29.99% depending on the customer’s credit score

‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau

No refunds beyond 100 days of purchase

What You Should Know About Lively’s Hearing Aids

Lively offers a single behind-the-ear hearing aid model, The Lively, geared towards those with mild to moderate hearing loss. This hearing aid comes in two styles, the Lively Rechargeable and the Lively Battery-Powered. These devices are identical except for their power source. The Rechargeable is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours, while the Battery-Powered model uses standard, disposable hearing aid batteries. 

Lively hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled and controlled through an app that users install on a compatible iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. Consumers can select from seven case colors to match most hair colors, including grey, dark brown and medium blonde. 

Lively’s devices are sold in pairs only, and the purchase price includes unlimited, on-demand virtual care from Lively’s audiologists. Patients can contact a Lively audiologist through the Lively app at any time for assistance. 



Mild – Moderate












$1,450 – $2.000

The Rechargeable

The Rechargeable is Lively’s premium digital hearing aid. This model is equipped with a built-in, rechargeable battery that’s rated to last up to 30 hours per charge, eliminating the need for disposable hearing aid batteries. To recharge the batteries, users simply place their hearing aids in the included charging case. The portable case is also equipped with a built-in battery that can recharge the hearing aids up to three times before needing to be plugged into a standard wall outlet. To purchase the Lively Rechargeable, consumers can either upload their audiogram results to the Lively website, or complete Lively’s free online hearing test. Lively’s team of licensed audiologists use the test results to program the hearing aids with a customized audio profile that matches the patient’s needs. The Rechargeable costs $2,000 per pair. The price includes a portable charging case, 3 years of remote care from Lively’s audiologists and a cleaning kit and wax filter. Optional accessories include a Bluetooth TV audio streamer ($299), a portable microphone ($275) and an extra charging case ($250).


Lively’s Battery-Powered hearing aids are the same as the Rechargeable, except for the power source and cost. The Battery-Powered devices are powered by user-replaceable size 312 hearing aid batteries, and a year’s supply of batteries is included with the purchase price. 

The Battery-Powered Lively comes in 7 case colors, and the company recommends matching case color with the customer’s hair color. These hearing aids are sold in pairs only and include a carrying case, cleaning kit and wax filter. As with the Rechargeable, users need to pair their hearing aids with a compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to customize the audio processor settings and take advantage of Lively’s three-year remote care service. 

Each Lively hearing aid is programmed by a licensed audiologist based on the customer’s hearing test results. Lively’s audiologists can adjust the sound processor on each device remotely once the hearing aids are shipped, which eliminates the need for follow-up visits. 

Lively’s Warranties and Return Policy


Lively hearing aids include a comprehensive three-year warranty, which is one of the longest warranties in the business. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and includes repair or replacement. The company pays for the return shipping on warranty claims. 

Lively’s hearing aids also come with a three-year loss and damage warranty that protects against most types of accidental damage, including loss and damages that are not related to manufacturing defects. There is a $195 per-device deductible levied on any claims under the Loss and Damage warranty. 

Once the three-year warranty expires, Lively customers can continue to use Lively for repairs if they agree to pay for all shipping, parts and labor costs. 

Return Policy

Customers can return their Lively hearing aids for a full refund within 100 days of purchase. This gives patients three months to become accustomed to their Lively hearing aids, the Lively app and any Lively accessories they have purchased. During this 100-day period, Lively customers are encouraged to contact Lively’s Remote Care team of audiologists and customer care reps with any questions or concerns about their hearing aids. 

Once the 100-day trial period is over, refunds are no longer available.

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Lively’s FAQs

Does Lively sell Bluetooth hearing aids?

Yes, Lively hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled and controlled through Lively’s iOS and Android apps. Lively devices can also connect with Lively’s optional accessories, including a wireless microphone, TV audio streamer and an Android Phone Clip+ that lets users stream calls and music through their Lively hearing aids.

How long does Lively’s hearing aids charge last?

The charge in the Lively Rechargeable lasts up to 30 hours, while the battery life on the Lively Battery-Powered varies depending on use and ambient temperatures. Pairing either Lively model with a Bluetooth accessory will deplete the battery faster than using the hearing aid as a stand-alone device.

How much do Lively’s hearing aids cost?

A pair of Lively Rechargeable hearing aids cost $2,000, while the Battery-Powered Lively’s cost $1,450 a pair.

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