Vermont State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs

Program Description
The state of Vermont provides residents with 4 different pharmaceutical assistance programs. Each program works by charging a monthly premium and then providing prescriptions for extremely low or no co-payments. 

1.    VPharm
2.    Vermont Health Access Plan (VHAP-Pharmacy)
4.    VSCRIPT Expanded

The VPharm program is for Medicare beneficiaries, the other 3 programs are for individuals that do not have Medicare.  VPharm also requires participants to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan.  VPharm is a Medicare wraparound program; its benefits augment those benefits provided by a Medicare Part D plan. 
Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for these programs, seniors must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a Vermont resident
  • Be aged 65 or older
  • Cannot have other prescription drug insurance (except for Medicare Part D)
  • Income limits in the table below

Individual Income Limit Couple Income Limit
 VPharm  $22,164  $29,820
 VHAP-Pharmacy  $14,784  $19,884
 VSCRIPT  $17,244  $23,196
 VSCRIPT Expanded  $22,164  $29,820
Benefits and Costs
VPharm pays for Medicare Part D plan premiums and prescription co-pays.  VHAP-Pharmacy, VSCRIPT and VSCRIPT Expanded offer prescriptions for $1 - $2 co-payments.

Each of the 4 programs have slightly different monthly premiums. 
  • VPharm - Monthly premiums of $15, $20 or $42 depending on income.
  • VHAP-Pharmacy - Monthly premiums of $17
  • VSCRIPT- Monthly premiums of $23
  • VSCRIPT Expanded - Monthly premiums of $50
Contact Information / How to Apply
These programs are administered by Green Mountain Care.  To learn more about the programs, one can visit their website, call their toll free number at (800) 250-8427 or visit their local area agency on aging.

To apply, one can download and complete an application or apply online at the Agency for Human Service's webpage.

Page Reviewed / Updated - Feb. 2013
The state of Illinois has two programs designed to provide financial assistance to the elderly to help them purchase their prescription drugs.  Rx Basic is for individuals without Medicare insurance and the Rx Plus is designed for those on Medicare.

Rx Plus is known as a Medicare wraparound program which means the benefits wrap around those benefits provided by a Medicare Part D plan.  When making a prescription purchase, Medicare Part D is the first payer and then this program contributes towards those costs the Part D plan does not cover.