Wisconsin SSI Exceptional Expense Supplement (SSI-E)

Program Description
The Wisconsin Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Exceptional Expense Supplement provides a subsidy of $95.99 a month to SSI recipients when there is a demonstrated need for 40 or more hours a month of supportive services. It is an important distinction that individuals do not necessarily have to be receiving 40 or more hours of care, only to have been assessed and found to have the need for that amount of care.
Eligibility Requirements
In addition to the 40 hours of care requirement for Exceptional Expense Supplement, SSI typically requires recipients to have a monthly income of less than $2,000 and resources of less than $2,000. Their "resources" do not include assets such as their home and vehicle. Full qualification information for SSI is available here.
The Exceptional Expense Supplement of $95.99 is paid out to SSI recipients over their existing monthly SSI payment.
How to Apply
Although the administering body for this program is the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Disability & Elder Services (DDES), one should not contact them directly. Instead to apply persons should contact their county department of social or human services. Alternatively, one can call 1-800-362-3002 for more information.

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Page Reviewed / Updated - Feb. 2013