Florida Home Care for the Elderly (HCE) Program

What is Florida's Home Care for the Elderly Program?
This program provides payments to caregivers to help them support low-income elders in their homes or in the homes of the individual who requires care. There are 2 types of payments: Basic and Special. The Basic Payment is meant to help with the cost for housing, food, clothing and medical services. The Special Payment is for necessary medical items such as durable medical equipment.

This program is somewhat unique among the states as it provides financial assistance directly to the caregiver instead of the individual who requires care. Caregivers can be related, but it is not a requirement that they be family members. However, it is required that the caregivers be approved by both the care recipient and the case manager. The home, in which the individual will receive care, must also be approved by the case manager.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Home Care for the Elderly Program?
To qualify for the HCE Program, a Florida resident must be at risk for nursing home placement, 60+ years old and financially eligible. Recipients of SSI, QMB or SLMB automatically meet the financial qualifications. Otherwise, the income and asset limits are the same as Medicaid Institutional Care Program: less than $2,000 in monthly income and $2,000 in assets excluding the home and vehicle. Note that participants cannot be concurrently enrolled in and receiving benefits from both the HCE program and Medicaid waiver or long term care programs.
What are the Benefits Provided in the Home Care for the Elderly Program?
This HCE Program provides financial assistance to caregivers to help them care for elderly individuals in their homes. The assistance can be as much as $370 / month a month to be used for rent, housing and medical services. However the majority of recipients receive monthly payments closer to $106. The final amount is determined by the client’s income.

How to Apply for the Home Care for the Elderly Program
This HCP Program is administered by the Florida Area Agencies on Aging. One can find their local Florida AAA on this website or alternatively at the following page. One can also call Florida's Elder Helpline at 1-800-963-5337.

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Page Reviewed / Updated - Jan 2013