Colorado's Old Age Pension (OAP)

Page Reviewed / Updated - May 2014

Program Description

The OAP program provides financial assistance to elderly, low-income Colorado residents to help them attain a minimum monthly income. In addition, the OAP program provides some individuals, who do not qualify for Medicaid, with health care benefits.

 Colorado residents might also find assistance from the Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) Program, the Home Care Program or the Adult Foster Care Program.


Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for the Old Age Pension, applicants must be 60 years or older, a U.S. citizen and Colorado resident. As an individual, he or she can have resources valued at up to $2,000, or as a married couple, up to $3,000. In 2014, applicant's monthly income cannot exceed $748.

There is an additional qualification for the health care benefits portion of the program (OAP Health Care Program) which is that participants must be between 60 and 65 years of age. This rule exists because at the age of 65 other health insurance programs become available such as Medicare.


Benefits and Services

Individuals can receive up to approximately $700 a month, but this amount may be reduced by other income such as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income or Veteran's Assistance. Individuals receiving Old Age Pension grants that don’t qualify for Medicaid also can receive medical benefits, although these benefits focus more on immediate medical needs instead of long term care.


How to Apply / Learn More

One can learn more about the OAP or apply for benefits through their County Department of Social Services. Contact information can be found here.    There are several files available for download which contain additional information about this program here.