Alaska Senior Benefits Program: Eligibility and Benefits

Program Description
Alaska's Senior Benefits Program provides cash assistance to lower income, elderly state residences. The program is administered by the Alaska's Department of Health & Social Services' Division of Public Assistance. Unlike most state elderly assistance programs, it is not designed to provide assistance for any specific purpose such as home care. Instead program participants are free to use the resources however they choose. It also differs most elderly assistance programs in that the program is intended to help both frail and healthy seniors.
Qualifications / Eligibility Requirements
Age - applicants must be at least 65 years of age.

Residency - applicants must be legal Alaska residents with a Social Security number.

Income Limits - the income limits are revised annually. The 2012 limit amounts are shown in the Benefits section below.

Assets Limits - none
The Senior Benefits Program provides payment directly to participating individuals. There are no restrictions on how the benefits can be spent. The table below shows the benefit amounts for 2012.
Alaska Senior Benefits Program 2012 Income Limits and Benefit Amounts
Individual Annual Income Limits Individual Monthly Benefit Amount Married Couple Income Limits Married Couple Monthly Benefit Amount
Under $10,478 $250 Under $14,190 $500
$10,479 - $13,970 $175 $14,191 - $18,920 $350
$13,971 - $24,448 $125 $18,921 - $33,110 $250
Availability / How to Apply
To apply for the program, one can contact the Senior Benefits Office directly by calling 1-888-352-4150. Alternatively, an application can be downloaded here.

Program participants must file a renewal application annually as both the applicant's financial situation and the program's income limits can change. More information is available on this webpage.

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Page Reviewed / Updated - Feb. 2013